bio of a box of rocks  

rm_wbly35 47F
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12/1/2005 7:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

bio of a box of rocks

aah I don't like writing these things but here goes. HI I'm 6'7" with red hare and blew eyes weigh 255 I like my women with ther legs open and a smile on their faces after we've fucked all night long.......

come on please write something intellegent that isn't in the little form down below. use your spell checker, and don't state the obvious! If you really want to catch a lady you might do well in actually using good bait!

rm_immeruu2k4 48M

12/1/2005 5:30 pm

I think that you are giving that person too much credit. It is an insult to boxes of rocks. Spell check is a good thing (of course that is the icing on the BS cake he was trying to serve.

Maybe he thinks that his little line will catch something. But in all likelihood it might be either his left hand or something that he will need to see a doctor about.

byte22880 36M

12/1/2005 8:12 pm

Bait for a woman? Caring, intelligence, intrigue... yup he had no bait for sure.

Dreamer7770 46M

12/4/2005 10:52 pm

Anyone he might catch with a bio like that deserves him....

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