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8/2/2005 3:20 pm

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I learned recently that the first female love of my life broke up with her partner not long ago. It happened the way that I foresaw about 7 years ago. We became estranged because of my knowing that her partner wasn't going to be good for her in the long run. You can only warn so often, before the door of communication is shut.

Over and over again my partners and friends have heard Kenda stories. Yes I will admit I'm still in love with the image of her that I live with. She found someone soon after her most recent break up, but I'm still questioning, and hurting from 7 years ago. She was my best friend in the entire world before we made love. And from the day she told me of her other lover I have not had a best friend. Having a best friend and lover taken away all at once is very difficult.

I've found myself aimlessly looking for my partner for these 7 years. Hoping to be able to move on, and find "the" person who is both my best friend, and my lover.

I miss her

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