Satan is an Intelligent Woman  

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12/26/2005 8:58 pm

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Satan is an Intelligent Woman

This is something that I actually know. I've talked before about how sexual attraction can be such a shallow thing, so the deepest of things of course is being attracted to a person's intellect.
For me an intelligent woman is dangerous yet enticing. I always fear that they may over analyze things and take the romance out of the situation, but I love the fact that as hard as I try, I cannot take any conversation casually as intelligent women are catalogers. They examine all conversations and store it in a database to be used for future reference.It can be a curse, but it is such a sexual turn-on to know that a woman can not only keep up with you intellectually, but surprise you with biting analysis. Its hard to describe.
I roam strip clubs hoping that I run into a pre-med dropout that can tell me the ins and outs of American political process, and then later blow my socks off in bed. I know that I will get plenty of hate mail for this, but sexual prowess and intellect in women rarely go together in my experience. That is probably a product of where
I have looked, and it is just my experience that you have to compromise one to get to the other.
However, there is a dark reality that virtually all men face, and that is Mr. Happy may one day no longer be able to get as happy as he used to. Then you are left to the devices of a woman's intellect and real love for you. In the future I hope that I choose intellect over the physical, but now I know that I am greedy, and I want both.

I am so in love with the way a woman's mind works yet so in the dark about most of it. An intelligent woman's mind is agile and moves in all directions driving me to the point of dizziness. I cannot get away from it though. It draws me in. I will follow her to my ruin and most likely enjoy the ride until those last bitter moments.

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1/27/2006 6:57 am


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