late night ..headed to bed..but..  

rm_vtlibra 47F
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10/5/2005 10:18 pm

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7/27/2006 8:12 am

late night ..headed to bed..but..

I wanted to let everyone who has written me an e-mail as of late..IM NOT BEING A BITCH...really..just been crazy busy..and need to take the time to sit down and respond. Please,dont think im one of those that doesnt read EVERYONES because I do.But it is only fair..again for me to mention..although very flatterd,im only 35. You guys that are writing to me that are in your 50's..the answer is going to and always going to be no. Im sorry..45 is the highest im willing to do in age..and even that is somewhat pushing it for my taste. My moms only 55 for gods sake..I cant even imagine dating someone her please try to understand that. im really finding that I am enjoying men in the age range of 32-39...anyway..early to bed for me..its 1 am..till later...S

vermonter28 45M
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10/6/2005 5:21 pm


I hope you got some rest. I am 35, just like you, a match, I guess. Sorry to hear you feel drained. nothing quite like feeling alive,


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