Hi Everyone..  

rm_vtlibra 47F
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1/16/2006 3:56 am

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3/1/2009 6:34 pm

Hi Everyone..

Good Morning all you guys and girls from AdultFriendFinder...
I hope everyone had a great holiday season.Mine was nice..nothing earth shattering happend,but enjoyed the eve/day with my Mom and the client we share the care of.Coffee,candles,xmas music,good breakfast,opened presents..and than we laid around all day in our nightgowns watching new movies..and I made dinner.Peaceful..mmm.
I dont check in as often as I use to.been very busy with work and life in general.Not sure yet what keeps drawing me back to AdultFriendFinder as I have turned my profile off a couple of times,but for some reason..I really do enjoy the site alot.Reading the letters,peoples blogs,profiles..seeing how everyone else lives..lol..for those of u that share..like I do. I think I will leave my profile up for another month or so..see what comes my way.Some of you I have written to..others I havent gotten the chance..but i do read everything and eventually respond when i have the time to sit and write back to a bunch of you.
I am going to try in the next week or so to post some new pics.Over the winter I have dropped alot of weight..thanks in big part to one of the meds im on..HEY..not KNOCKIN it at all..lol..I really needed to drop some pounds..and boy this did the trick.I have taken off almost 50 pounds..and still going down.Even though the way its coming off isnt the healthest..as I dont eat often anymore..the meds KILLED my appetite and taste buds..it HAS been GREAT for my back..which has been REALLY SHITTY!Been trying to find a surgeon that will fix me..but so far..NO luck!!..Even struck out at Darthmouth in NH..they DO NOT want to touch me..yes..its that bad...uggh...
K..done with the downer bullshit..lol..I still LIVE my life to the maxx...and speaking of ..oh wait..I wasnt speaking of..but going to..ITS BEEN 3 MONTHS since I have sex!!!!!!...omg..does this suck!!!..DOESNT anyone actually WANT to have A ALL SEX NO STRINGS ATTACHED(unless we decided different) friendship...thats NOT married..?I mean come on..everyone of u guys say..no strings..no strings..no strings..but NO ONE seems to want to follow thru past chattin..and seeing if they can get off by cam..without having to go thru the effort of meeting anyone..WHAT THE HELL..I THOUGHT this was a meeting site..NOT a CYBER site..I mean yeah..dont get me wrong..teasin and pleasin on cam can be fun..but if thats all thats in it for me..NO THANKS>.think I will pass..I DO seem to thrive better with a HUMAN TOUCH..not a pc screen full of cock!..
A few shout outs here...TOPHER..hey u..if u just so happen to read this site still..I WOULD LOVE to hear from you..its been a very long time..and would love to see how things ended up for u..give some thought into writing me..would ya..?And than there is you Tom..mmmmm..I had ALOT of good times with you..alot..but u got really paranoid thinking I was trying to I dont know.."trap" u in someway..lol..I cant get pregnant..so thats not it..not sure what else I could do that would make u feel like that..but please..be one of the guys that learns that when u LIKE a woman..in and out of bed..alot..yeah..u get some crazy thoughts going thru your mind..but the one that says BOLT NOW..ignore it..YOU MEN ALL need to learn..that really is a GOOD THING if a woman can make u feel like that..and if the sex is so incredible that you feel like ONE when your bodys come together..why is THAT a bad thing..? OR a woman that makes you hard just thinking about her..and knowing the MINUTE u walk in the door..u can have her ANYWAY you want her..that second..is that something that should bring ya down..??..LOL..please..someone tell me why men get AFRAID when they FIND WHAT THEY WANT..??..its always been a mystery to me...
k,nough ramblin thoughts this morning..Im trying to decide if I should crawl back under the covers..or stay up and do something..ummm..that needs to be done....lol..take care all..till later...xox..S

wantsum69luvin 57M
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1/23/2006 6:06 pm

"DOESNT anyone actually WANT to have A ALL SEX NO STRINGS ATTACHED(unless we decided different) friendship...thats NOT married..?"

i'm in!!
where n when

rm_keeper3cee 51M
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1/24/2006 5:19 am

Hi there doll. i got your wink..id really like to learn more about you and perhaps fulfill a void we might be missing out on..please send me mail message..let talk hot stuff...Keep

Gaoji82 46M
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1/29/2006 1:37 pm

I'm only North of Middlebury and would be happy to meet and see where things go from there! Email me

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