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5/15/2005 8:08 pm

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The question keeps popping into my head...what makes a good profile? (Bear in mind these were thoughts that popped into my head, so this may not be the most cognizant of my postings.)

I am more than my profile pic, but at the same time I am into being a fucking machine. Which to promote? The pure sex side, or the intelligent,fun side? How can I bring out the many facets of myself that make up who I am? I'm fun and crazy, intelligent and knowledgeable, and addicted to women and sex. How to bring that all together? That is the dilemma.

I am trying to meet a variety of women. I do like to meet the "let's get wild and just fuck all night woman" but I also want to meet the "let's be close friends with benefits woman." How do I promote both views at the same time? How do I get people to know who I really am? Don't get me wrong, I know I am not the only person to have this problem, but the dichotomy is tough.

So the problem will exist, no matter what I do or write. No profile can be perfect and no amount of rewriting will remove the fact that we can't ever truely express who we really are.

Maybe this analogy captures it: I'm a really fun delivery man and, boy, do I have a package. Now it's just finding the right woman who wants the delivery.

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