A little about me  

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5/14/2005 3:04 am

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A little about me

Since this is the first blog, its good to describe myself and who I am.

Better yet..here are what someone else has said about me. "You are like a tomcat, you exude sexual potency." I like that one. Too bad its a friend that still hasn't decided to have fun in bed with me. Oh well.

Here is a little story about what other's think of me. It turns out I was listed as something to do in town. Not sexually, sadly, but slightly different. When a co-worker moved to town a year ago they asked what there is to do in town. (They didn't start to work with me until three months ago) Listed among the three fun things to do: drinking, partying, and having coffee with me. My ability to converse, my expansive store of knowledge about too many topics, and my sarcastic, witty sense of humor make me something to do. I should be listed in the damn visitor's guide. It might help meeting people. Perhaps its my "fuck it, let's not take everything so seriously" attitude. That does help. After all I am a philosopher, writer, would-be poet, and adventurer (of some sort). Damn, I should be on TV.

I know, you're thinking, this guy is way too into himself. Let us not forget the other quote from someone else about me: "You're like a young Lord Byron, self-absorbed and obsessed with sex." Brilliant!

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