On an Upturn  

rm_vocedelicata 47M
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7/5/2006 5:33 am
On an Upturn

You know, it's amazing what a difference a couple of days can make. I have such a good feeling about the future at the moment. I know that there is a lot I need to sort out as far as my goals are concerned, but there is so much in my world at the moment for which I'm thankful.

I'm getting to the gym again. I'm sleeping well at night. I feel healthier.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people. That's got to be a first for me. Still, I like the idea of getting out and mixing it with the world, letting it know I'm here again.

You see, it turns out I've been living a selfless existence for most of my life. I'm now told I have to become a little more selfish. Not in a bad way, just that I have to take care of me before I start caring for others again.

This is something completely new for me. I sat down to try and figure out what my goals are only to find I didn't really have any. This is something that will change over time of course, but for now I'm going to stand up in the world for a while, let it see I'm out there. I'm thinking of hitting some bars or something over the weekend, not sure what bars or clubs yet but I'll see what moods strike.

How is this new attitude going to go? I'll let you all know soon enough.

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