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Think BEACH!

Ok, I'm getting tired of the cold weather already! They are saying that we might have snow showers here on Saturday! I love the snow, but even I have had enough already.

So - I pulled out one of my stories that goes to the beach. Happy reading!

So once again you find me lounging by the pool had to go into work for a bit this morning, but now your time is your own...well, mine too, if you don't mind....I'm sleeping in the sun...naked...and you come out to the pool and stand alongside get a whiff of the smell of suntan lotion, and soon you mind starts to wander...wander back to last week when you were able to steal away for a little vacation time...

You were on business in Spain and asked me to fly out to meet you once your business was concluded. I joined you there on Friday, and on Saturday you chartered a plane to fly us into Nice, France....I've never been there but you tell me it's beautiful and that I'll love it...I'm certain I will.

I'm amazed just being on this's my first time for a private flight as like showing me all these new things, I can tell...You pop open the bottle of champagne that's been chilled and pour two hand me one and say "here's to a wonderful and wild vacation that we both deserve"...we clink glasses, sip the champagne and you give me a nice, long, sweet tasting kiss. Just by your kiss I can tell that you are tend to give yourself away without even knowing it! You start nibbling my neck, groaning in my ear, and ask me "my little slut....are you ready to get fucked at 40,000 feet???" I just look at you with wide, surprised eyes and say "baby, we can't do that here...what about the crew???", you say "we won't see them till we land...I can do whatever I want with you and no one will know a thing"...with that, you grab at my blouse, rip it from me, and dive into my tits! You grab them, you squeeze them, you attack them....your fingers start pulling at my bra just trying to push it aside so you can get at my nipples that you love so well...I help you by undoing it and it drops to the floor. You grab me, drag me to the couch and say "lay down my little slut" and so I do. You tell me your going to fuck me in the air...give me something new to experience....with that you push up my skirt, pull down my panties, and stare at my're smiling this wicked grin....I'm thinking, OMG, this is going to be great!

You start by checking how wet I am, and you're not disappointed...I'm do this to me all the time! You stroke my clit a few times, and then put a finger in look at me and say "baby, what do you want? Do you want me to fuck you?, Do you want me to fuck you hard up here?"...I look at you and just beg you, yes, baby, please fuck me, please fuck me now"...and you give me my first in air baby...what a rush in my liberating...being able to fuck wherever, whenever....unbelievable!

Once we come to our senses, we redress, and work on that bottle of champagne. You say to me "baby, I'm glad you liked that....just wait...just wait for all we have coming up on this little will be everything...a slut, a whore...and a lady..." Oh, you make me melt! I get up from my chair, sit on your lap, drape my arms around your neck, and giving you the most loving, telling kiss I can muster. You just squeeze me, knowing full well what I'm saying to you in that kiss.

Soon we land in Nice, and you have arranged for a limo to pick us up to bring us to where we'll be won't tell me any details, you'll only say that I will love this too....once again, I'm certain I will. We drive about 20 minutes and then pull into a driveway. We get out and enter the house, or rather villa, which you have rented for us. What a gorgeous's called Villa Sur Mer and it's like nothing I've ever seen's got a gorgeous patio, a wonderful, beautifully lit pool, and from what I can see now at night, a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean...I can see all the boats with their lights on....very romantic setting I must say. We go up to the room to undo our bags, and decide to take a quick shower to freshen up...(I said quick - no fooling around here...) We change and go down to the patio by the pool...there on the table is some more champagne, some fresh fruit and some cheese.. a little snack to nibble on tonight before bed. The villa and pool are lit so beautifully...a very seductive setting. And I look at you and see the atmosphere has already gotten to have that look in your eyes....god, I love that look....

You come to me, start caressing my neck and my shoulders, and say 'baby, let's go skinny dipping...I want to be naked in that water with you...I want it now"... Well, this halter dress of mine didn't stay on for very long, and aren't you surprised when you see that I have on absolutely nothing else...nothing except my shiny necklace and a pair of sexy earrings (definitely a feeling I like...being naked (and getting fucked) with nothing else on but a necklace and some sexy earrings! - that's a secret of mine in case you were wondering). You’re quick to strip down too and as soon as you're ready, you take my hand and lead me to the steps in the pool. The water is perfect and you set me down on the stairs. You start taking cupfuls of water in your hands and dropping the water onto my shoulders and over my tits....your fingers go to my tits and lightly start playing with the droplets of water. You move your mouth to my tits and start to lick them. Then you take your mouth away and do that a few more times....oh baby...has this got me going....we're under the stars, the moon is out… it's a gorgeous night and you are making me feel wonderful....did I ever tell you that you make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world? I'm certain I have, but I just wanted to say it again to let you know that I really do feel that way.

Next, you move me down one level of stairs and you stand in front of me...any guess what's staring right at me???? I take your huge cock into my hands and start to put handfuls of water over like the sensation of the wet and the cool air out here. Next, I take your cock into my mouth and I start to savor the moment....your hands are on my tits...not trying to get me going...just squeezing and pinching me a bit....just "touching" me while you're enjoying me suck your cock out here. My hands are on your ass and I'm grabbing you nails are dug in, just a little. I play a little more, but then I stand up. I bend my head to take one of your nipples into my mouth while one of my hands reaches down and strokes your throbbing cock. This kind of puts you over the edge and you grab my waist, set me back on the stairs, and put your hard 7" into my very wet (in more ways than one) cunt. You fuck me on the stairs of this pool... my legs are shaking so much, the water is splashing all around us....we're making our own waves....pretty cool.....I love you in me and I'm're groan too and soon I can feel the change in look me in the eye and say "baby, I love fucking you....I'm going to CUM in you now" and boy do you ever! I'm right behind you baby, I'm shaking and squirming and I'm totally out of control....I cum hard baby, I cum hard just for you!

Oh my, are we ever's been along travel ling day and we've enjoyed each other twice already...and don't forget the champagne....we towel off and head upstairs. We're spent, and just collapse on the each others arms though...of course.

We wake to a beautiful sunrise coming through the window. I can feel nibbles on my neck, and something pressed up against my ass.....hmmmmm I wonder...whatever could it be? I reach behind me and there's my friend....he's rock hard and just cradled there in between the cheeks of my ass....what a wonderful feeling to wake up with. You kiss my shoulder and your hands play with my tits....I turn a bit to look over my shoulder to see you and say good morning baby...your hand moves down to my pussy and's wet let out a little do I...what can I tell you??? You play a little and then I roll onto my side facing you and I tell you to lie on your back. I tell you that I want you to relax....I tell you to close your eyes, and just enjoy what's about to come....that I'm going to take that hard cock of yours into my mouth and that I'm going to make passionate love to it. I tell you how much I love your cock (and you too of course) and how happy you both have made me ever since we first met. You lay back, and I start with kisses on your neck, hard nipples rubbed against your chest....up and down your chest...up and down your chest...and then I kiss the insides of your cock is twitching but I'll get to it soon enough....I linger down there for a while....just playing and stroking your lower start writhing a bit and I don't want to make you anxious, so I take your cock in my mouth, and I start to love it. I look up at you every once in a while...just to check how you're doing...and usually I see you looking right back at me. I think you like watching me make love to your I right? You'll look at me for a few long seconds and then you lay your head back and close your eyes...I think I'm succeeding at sending you off to a special place. I carry on with you like this for about 15 minutes, but now you're really getting anxious so I work my magic on you and start going at you pretty quickly. Soon your hands are on the back of my neck, pulling me to you just a little, and then you cum in my mouth. It's not explosive, it's just kind of gentle and a true release of tons of stress....makes me very happy sweetheart!

Once you come back to earth (and me) we both decide that it's time to start our go out so you can show me the sights of this beautiful place. We shower, dress, and go on our merry way… you were right...I've never seen a place like this's all so beautiful and different. We visit some small villages, do a little shopping (you buy me this little necklace that you want me to wear to bed tonight...nothing extravagant...I love it...and it will always remind me of this place whenever I wear it back home.) We have a wonderful lunch at a little bistro and some of their great wine too....what an exciting, relaxing, wonderful day...I love spending time like this with you ...did you know that too? You've held my hand for almost the entire time we've been out today...what a mush you are....very protective, makes me feel special and wanted… it's just the little things.... Anyway, we head back to the villa around 3 and you suggest that we go to the beach for a while. We change into our suits and we're on our way! We drive to know where you're going... I have no idea!...and we soon are at a beach not 5 minutes from the villa. We get out and walk to the sand. There are some people here, but no too, too many. We find a nice spot, stretch out the blanket, and start to people watch.

Being slow minded as I sometimes am, I forget that we are on the French Riviera and that going topless is the norm here. I'm ok with it...have actually gone to a couple of nude beaches myself (years ago) and loved the freedom of it all! Also burnt my ass pretty good the first time! Since I don't want to burn here, I ask you to put some suntan lotion on me since the sun still is a bit strong. You start rubbing the lotion on my back but then say "baby, let me take this top off of you....join the crowd..." I say no, not yet....but soon your mouth is next to my ear and you growl into my ear "yes, baby.....yes...I want that top off...I want it off now!" Before I can protest anymore, you have the top off me and you are rubbing (and I mean RUBBING) that suntan lotion onto my tits! I have to admit - it feels great...both things actually - your rubbing, and the freedom of being topless in public! I look at you and you just smile back at're too cute!

And now I see that you're checking out the sites (the other topless women walking the beach), and it doesn't bother me at all. We start talking about the different size tits that are passing by us. I tell you that I wish my tits were just a bit bigger… that it seems like this time while I'm losing weight, I'm also losing the size of my tits a bit...that never happened before. I like my tits...I want them to stay kind of big like they are. You tell me "don't worry baby, you're tits are fine and I love 'em." I laugh and say that I'm probably not a good candidate for implants anyway with the way in which you grab and pull at my tits!! We both get a good laugh out of that one. So as we're watching the women going by, I tell you that I think my tits are below average in disagree, so we make a bet. We bet on the next set to walk by us....if the other woman's tits are bigger than mine, I win...if they're smaller you win. The winner gets control of the other for the next hour. Sounds pretty interesting to me!

No sooner than we finish "shaking" on the comes this woman who is SOOOOO very flat-chested, we both almost thought she was a young man....god, I lost the bet! I look at you and there is that wicked, wicked grin again! It doesn't take you two seconds before you start saying to me "ok are my slave for the next hour...I want you to be my slut! You can't speak for the entire time and you must do whatever I tell you to do... understand??? If you disobey me in anyway, I will punish you tonight. You might like the punishment, but then again, you might not!" Oh baby, you have got me both scared and excited...whatever are you going to make me do for you???

The first thing you tell me is "Little slut of mine...take off your suit bottoms and stand up"...there aren't many fully naked people on this beach (the crowd has dwindled down quite a bit anyway - thank God!), so I'm pretty ok with doing as you command. Now you say "I didn't hear you say thank you master...thank you for letting me get naked for you..."...and so I repeat those words right back to you "Thank you Master, thank you for letting me get naked for you." You like this control over me and now you start massaging yourself through your suit. Now you say "walk down to the water my little slut (only about 15 ft. away) and stand in the go into the water about a foot in. Once you're there, I want you to close your eyes and imagine that I'm standing behind you with my cock up against your ass and I'm playing with your tits and pinching your nipples. GET LOST IN THE MOMENT BABY...GET LOST IN THE FEELING! I don't care who is around to watch you do this....just do it now! I'll watch you from me how I make you feel when I do that to you my little whore!"

Nervously I walked to the water's edge and take a step in. I close my eyes, knowing that there are maybe 5 or 6 people within view who could watch me and actually know what I was doing...honestly baby, it gets me a little excited! So my eyes are closed and I can feel my tits start to swell with thinking of your touch on them. I know my nipples are hard (very hard) and I just have to touch them myself! Oh - it feels good! I start to rub myself and yes baby, I am getting list in the moment! I can hear your voice in my ear, I can feel your arms around me grabbing my tits hard, and I can feel that hard cock up against my ass...OMG...I get so into it all, I start to lose it....really, I do. I move a hand down to my pussy, and frankly, I don't care who is watching me at this point...I just need to feel my clit...I need to rub it baby! and so I do and it feels wonderful and sinful and all those other great feelings.

I start to shake and feel a cum coming on and panic washes over me a bit. I literally start to fall backward a bit, but you're're there to catch me. Your body is hard up against me....oh baby, I'm so glad you're there! You move my hair aside and bite my earlobe a little. You whisper in my ear "good show slave...I enjoyed it and I think one or two other guys on this beach did as well" Oh, do I feel dirty and trampy!

I turn to face you and give you this look with my head hanging down but my eyes looking up at you...almost shameful I guess. I also scan the beach to see who's still here.....quite a bit of time has passed and it looks like almost everyone else has left for the day. Here we naked, you in just your bathing suit, on this beautiful, beautiful beach...all alone...sharing a warm and loving hug. BUT, my hour still isn't up...I know there's more coming! And you know you still have time left too! You pull away from me a bit and say "slave, you did well...but I want you to sit down in this water, and I want you to play with yourself. I want the waves to crash on your pussy as you play with your clit." Wow Baby - are you kidding me here...that's going to be very interesting, that's for sure!

I get down into the water, position myself in just the right spot, lie back on the sand, and start to play with myself. The sun is low on the horizon now and the shadows are long...I look up and you're standing over me...your shadow crossing over my face. You are massaging yourself again and that sight gets me going. I close my eyes now and work harder at back starts top arch and I start moaning lowly at first, but getting louder with each little circle I make on my hard clit. You say to me "My little slut... are you enjoying this? It looks like you are..." I say "yes baby...I mean Master, yes I am...very much so" then you say "do you need anything....what do you need to cum into this sea in front of you?" I tell you "Master I want you to FUCK me on this beach....I NEED you to fuck me on this beach". Your shadow moves from over my face, you pull off your bathing suit and you lay on top of me, right here....right where the water meets the sand.

Baby, you put that hard cock right into me and I take you within me effortlessly. You start with slow, strong strokes...taking me to the hilt! Baby you are so deep in me, I whimper with each thrust you make inside me. Your cock is huge and the feeling of it rubbing inside me, against my cunt walls, is amazing....what a feeling....your cock has filled my cunt entirely - OMG baby....OMG. I beg you "master, fuck me like you've never fucked me before!" and you say "slave of mine - I will fuck you however I want, whenever I you understand???" I can't take your pumping in me...I have to beg you one more time..."oh Baby, please...please fuck me now...I'll let you punish me later, but baby, I need you to fuck me hard now and make me cum hard now...please baby", Well, that plea put you over the edge and you come at me with such a consuming. You can't get into me any deeper baby. And I can't open myself up for you any more either.....we are both straining to our limits here...and then it burst your cum into my shoot a huge, hot load into me baby - OMG...I felt it inside me - do you believe it - I really did! I cum strong and hard too's a long, long, whole body shuddering cum....major after shocks follow.

After a few minutes, you pull out of me (I always hate that part) and you roll off of me, but pull me close to you so my head can rest on your shoulder. Its sunset now and the sky is a beautiful mix of red, orange and purple. What a wonderful way to see my first sunset in the south of France!

spamalot22 58M

3/23/2006 1:24 pm

The cold will be gone soon. Very soon.

Oh my goodness, your stories are wonderful ! here I am at work reading your tale of passion at 40,000 feet, and I am rock hard ! I can't get up from my desk without embarrasment. I'll need to do some boring work for awhile and hope my boner deflates by 5:00.

Your story reminded me of the time I flew to Hong Kong in business class. A couple was sitting 2 rows in front of me, he was a tall, thin and handsome older man, about 55 years old, and she was a young, hot, sexy 20-something. They were so hot for each other ! They leaned on each other, touched, carresed, and were obviously in love.

To make a long story short, she did give him a hand job under the blankets while everyone else was asleep (not me of course).

I've never had sex in a plane but would love to some day. I've done it in a car, both stationary and moving, in a restaraunt coat room, and in the changing room of a department store.

zorgnot2 60M

3/23/2006 9:15 pm

Hey, Girl!!
I thought you said you wouldn't tell everyone about that trip and that it was our secret!!
Thanks you the great story!!

rm_vneckgirl replies on 3/24/2006 4:17 am:
Oh you make me laugh! Sorry I spilled the beans! You're just way too funny!

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