Red is the color of the day!  

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3/18/2006 5:07 am

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3/19/2006 4:15 am

Red is the color of the day!

Ok, so I took out my camera yesterday and took some new shots of the new red bra I bought. Oh la la - I just really, really like it! So, I put it up as my new photo on here. Hope the guys like it.

And in honor of the color red - MY FAVORITE - I've dug up one of my stories that centers around a red dress. Hopefully folks will like it too.

I've started to post some of my stories in the Articles section of the site, under, what else, Erotic Stories.

Happy reading all!

I was thinking it was a Friday night and you come home from work...tired, it was long week, and I'm in the kitchen getting dinner come in and head straight for my neck! You're very predictable that way, and I LOVE IT! You nibble and tease but then stop - it's too early to go for it already. You say to me, "Don't forget, we're going to dinner tomorrow night...I'd like it if you wore something special." I said that I remembered and that I was all set.

We have dinner, lounge around on the couch for a while, and then go upstairs and have a wild night. You're not really certain why it's so wild - you just wonder... that's all. I know why it was wilder than usual...because of tomorrow night!

Well, tomorrow comes, you go play golf and I work on my tan. You come home and attack me at the pool (something I always thoroughly enjoy I might add!) We then go upstairs, take a short nap, and then get ready for the evening. You get dressed in your suite, I get dressed in mine. We meet up back in the bedroom and your eyes say it all! I'm in a red dress and looking quite good I might add! You come to me and say "You look my own little flame." I say thanks...I'm yours...and only yours...I was hoping you'd like it.

We go downstairs and a limo arrives...that let's me know that we'll be having a few drinks tonight! We get in the car and you just keep looking at me in a way you never really did before. I like it. We go to dinner and have one of our great conversations. We then start dancing. Since I don't drink much, I'm a little bolder tonight than normal. We're dancing to something slow and you are holding me to you oh so very tight...I love your strength, I love your smell...I love it all. The whole mood gets to me and I whisper in your ear "baby, I want you to fuck me tonight...I mean really fuck me." The only response I get from you is one of those low, low "ummm-hummmm"s that I love so well. I actually shudder a bit when you do that, and you say (in a very teasingly way) "what was that? Is someone a little my slut ready for me already???" I just look at you and bite my upper lip, giving you a look that says, oh baby, I need it now.

A few more dances, a LOT more teasing (on your part) and we then decide to leave. We get into the limo and boy I am ready for you...I just want to attack you, I want you in my mouth and I want you in my cunt! I want it all and I want it now. We settle into the car and we start to drive. You look at me, push me down onto the seat and tell me that I've been behaving badly. That I got you all excited in a place where you couldn't do anything about it. You say "Well now you're going to get it, and get it good." You start at my neck, a little rougher than usual, and it gets me flying, you move down to my tits with you hand, working your way inside the dress's low v-neck cut. You're ravishing me and I'm loving it. You then say "flip over so I can unzip this damn dress". You hardly started unzipping when I hear tearing - you can't get this dress off of me fast enough! You bring me back to laying on my back and stare down at my say "we have no need for these", and you rip them off with one quick movement. Then you say "there's my girl, there's my slut. I've been waiting for her all night." With that, you straddle me and put your hard cock in my mouth - I'm so excited - I've been waiting for this all night. You tell me to suck harder, that I'm just a whore who doesn't know how to make her man cum. I think in my head - is he kidding? I'll show him...and I go at your cock like I never have start crying out - "oh my God" and I laugh inside saying "I showed him"! You pull out of my mouth and go straight into my cunt with absolutely no problem. I am so wet, I'm dripping. You pump that cock so deep inside me, I just melt. You bring your head to mine and whisper in my ear...."this is the way you like it baby, isn't it. You little cunt......ummmm-hummmmm????" With that we both climax in a wild, new, crazy way. I love it all, I just love it!

zorgnot2 60M

3/18/2006 6:19 am

A regular little devil when you think in red...thanks, girl.

rm_luvpiano2 56M
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3/18/2006 10:37 am

I love red! Red a sizzing HOT color!

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