It's been a while...  

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3/9/2006 4:37 am

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3/18/2006 8:33 am

It's been a while...

Yes, it's been a while since I've written in here. Life is getting back to normal for me - I had a few tough weeks there. I came back on (re-activated my profile) a few days ago to catch up with some friends. Yes, I am glad to say that I have met some really, really nice people on here. Very supportive and I thank them all.

But now? Well, yes, my mind (and body...smiles) are starting to get back in gear! The other day I was going through some stories that I had written - erotica if you will... guess that's what got me started up again! lol

Here is one for your reading enjoyment...

You're sitting on the couch, reading, and I'm wandering around, doing nothing in particular. I come up behind you and drape my arms around your neck. I love hugging you this way...just a nice warm hug to let you know how much I love being with you. My warm tits are up against the back of your neck and I move them side to side...just a bit...and we BOTH like that! I then start to nuzzle your neck and your ears...I like (love!) to do that to intimate.

As I'm kissing your neck, my hands move to take off your reading glasses, and then they move down to start unbuttoning your shirt. You like this and lay your head back on the sofa, eyes closed, letting out a low sigh, relaxing more and more with each passing second. My hands travel down your chest (oh, I love that chest!) and slowly start playing with your nipples. I just rub my hands down your chest to your belly, and then drag my nails (a little strongly) back up your chest. My tits are still up against the back of your neck...but now they're a little more flush with excitement, they feel a little hotter against your skin, and my nipples have hardened enough that you can feel those on your neck as well. Wow...I really like touching you like this...really!

You gone from relaxed to aroused now, and with that, you take my wrists and lead me around the couch to where I am standing in front of you. One word from you puts it all in say to me..."Kneel". I fully know what that means, I bow my head a bit, look up at your from my lowered eyes, and give you my most demure smile. I kneel before you, ready to worship your cock...ready to worship you for all you have given've allowed me to be the real feel as I've always wanted to feel. You've allowed me to show you love, and you've allowed me to feel loved....thank you Sir.

I put each of my hands on your inner thighs and then start caressing your upper legs...back and forth, back and forth, with each successive pass a little stronger than the one before. I lay my cheek against your cock...feeling it grow beneath my face, constrained by your pants. What a nice feeling...I just keep rubbing my cheek against you. I can feel that I am soaking wet cunt wanting you...longing for you, but I know, not yet. This is going to be a long, wonderful session.

I turn my cheek away from you and start nibbling your huge cock, through your pants. My hands have gripped your thighs with such passion, and your hands are on the back of my neck and your fingers are through my hair. I love your hands on the back of my neck! I nibble up and down the entire length of you, but finally, I need to have you in my mouth...I need to taste you...I want to suck your glorious cock, oh do I ever!

I help you out of your pants and shorts, and there you are...your cock standing proud, waiting as much for me as I am longing for it. I start slowly, giving you one, long, luxurious lick from the base of your cock to the tip. I take the tip into my mouth and let out one big sigh...oh how I savor this first time I take in you in mouth whenever I do this for you...really, you have no idea what goes through my mind and the rush and tingles that pass through my entire body. I love it...I can't get enough of you at this time. As I continue, I struggle to find a way to suck you that will show you exactly how I am feeling...the extent of my desire for you...for your cock...for everything that we have together.

I put one of my hands at the base of your cock and wrap my fingers around it...squeezing you just a bit. Then, I open wide and go down on you...all the mouth pretty much open on the way down, but I bring my lips together tightly and make my journey up your stiff start to squirm...I love seeing the reaction. With my other hand, I hold and fondle your balls...I love the feel of them in my hand...I caress them with as much of a loving, but passionate touch as I can possibly use. You let out a few more make me happy.

I get lost in sucking your cock...I get lost in the feel of you in my mouth...I get lost in the passion building between us.

Your hands gently pull my head away from you and you look into my eyes...intently...showing me you want me...want to devour me...I feel the same. You stand, help me to my feet, and take me by the hand up to the bedroom. You push me gently onto the bed and lay right on top of me. I can feel your hard cock pulsing on my stomach, through my shirt. You want me...but I am still dressed. Your motions are quicker and hastier now... you’re breathing heavier on my neck. You lift your upper body a bit and your hands struggle to free me of my shirt. It takes only a second or two, but soon it's off. Your mouth goes right for my nuzzle the spot between my tits and your hand grabs my left tit, your fingers immediately pinching and playing with my nipple...oh, do I ever moan out loud...I love you playing with my nipples.

You roll off me, to the side just a bit, and deftly undo my jeans and have them off of me quickly as well. And, you just look at my body...your eyes have lust in a look! I am ready for you...I want you...I want you to take me now!

You bring my wrists above my head and hold them there...tightly. You suck on my tits...your mouth traveling from one to the other, over and over again. I'm moaning so much baby; I love what you are doing to me. You lean your head to me and call me your slut...I moan some more. Hoarsely you tell me you are going to fuck your slut tell me that you're going to fuck me, and fuck me, and fuck me until I cry out that I can't take any more! You lay over me again and your teeth bite my right nipple...I cry out a bit but I love it. Your hand guides your hard cock to my cunt and soon you are in me....and you go to the hilt! I scream out, arch my back as much as I possibly can, and lift my hips to get you into me as far as you can be. I feel like you are going to split me in two...I love your cock in me...I love YOU in me.

You pound into me, repeatedly, and you lift your head to look at me once again. Oh my God, the connection our eyes make...the wanting, the desire, the intensity...just by looking in my eyes, you know how much I want you, how much I need see into my soul.

We've both reached such a climatic point that it's not long before we're both crying out in ecstasy...both driving into each other...trying to get more and more of one another....we can't get close enough...and yet, we couldn't get closer. I close my eyes and finally let go, I can't hold out any longer. You do the same and I look at you, loving the look on your face when you cum. I love watching you at this very moment, the moment of your release. I see you wince, but I know it's not from pain, that it's from pleasure. And then I see the calmness come over you. The complete serenity...I'm at the same point...the same sense of feeling complete and satisfied...full...full of the feeling of loving you and being loved by you.

You lie on top of me, and hold me...tight. You kiss my neck, just as I kiss yours. And we both are happier and more content than any two people on earth should be.

zorgnot2 60M

3/9/2006 2:07 pm

Just a minute...wait...
ok, ok.... Wow, that was very, very hot girl!
Excuse me for a minute.
I have to go clean up and get a drink of water but I'll be right back. Do you want a glass of water, or a coke or something?
Don't go anywhere!

SexJuggernaut71 45M
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3/10/2006 8:13 pm

I'm glad you're feeling better. MAN what a recovery! I'm still sweating! That's some mind you have there!

rm_letzdueit 62M
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3/17/2006 11:00 am

you MUST cntinue to write-you have a very gifted viewpoint on certain aspects of life-MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

rm_vneckgirl replies on 3/17/2006 1:18 pm:
(blushing here) gee, thanks! Glad you like them. i've also put some out under the "Articles" section on here, under erotic stories. More to cum!

rm_JoeyD1214 60M
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3/17/2006 8:30 pm

What a truly erotic story! It stirred me like you were doing it to me! Would love to hear more and feel that passion that burns deep inside you! You are very stimulating and I would love to exchange some emails with you!

rm_vneckgirl replies on 3/18/2006 4:42 am:
Thanks Joe, glad you like my stories. But, I am on hold for right now, so sorry, for now you can enjoy me through my written word. I'll be posting another today probably.

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