Early Sunday morning and already I'm thinking about sex, oh my ...  

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3/19/2006 4:21 am

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Early Sunday morning and already I'm thinking about sex, oh my ...

Guess I was dreaming a lot last night because I woke up all "agitated" let's say. I suppose I'll have to find a way to take care of that...smiles.

Anyway, here's another favorite story of mine. I like the mind play that goes along with sex. As it has been said many times, 90% of sex is between the ears, 10% between the legs. I wholeheartedly agree with that!

So I'm lying there thinking about you coming home from work one night....no meetings....coming home from the office, not off a flight...so you're tired, but not exhausted. For the first time in a while, we'll have the good part of the night to be together.

I've got dinner all ready, and took out a nice bottle of wine out to start off our night. You open the wine, pour us each a glass, and then go upstairs to change...get a little more comfortable. I'm already dressed in a way that I know you like...low cut v-neck shirt...short skirt...

You come back downstairs and sit at the dining room table. We start to talk (I always ask you how your day went) and then I realize we left our wine glasses in the kitchen so I get up to get them. It takes me a little while and you're not sure why, but that's just a quick thought in the back of your head. I come back to the dining room and put the wine bottle and our glasses on the table, AND I drop my bra in your lap! You look down at it and then up at me, and what a grin you have on your face! I like playing around, what can I say! I sit back down, take a sip of wine and just know that you are staring at my tits....a few minutes go by and I realize I have forgotten to put out napkins at our place settings. I go back into the kitchen and get them, and this time, I drop my panties in your lap! You let out a huge chuckle. I KNOW you're thinking...she only has 2 pieces of clothing left on her...what a slut...what is going on in that head of my little slut???

Since you are so smart...and you've caught onto my little game...you're thinking - what next...what can I send her into the kitchen for now? So you ask me to get the salt and pepper...I smile at you - I know you've caught on - and I get up and go into the kitchen. Is it any surprise that I return to the table topless...also dropping my shirt into your lap? Well, let me tell you, your eyes are as big as saucers now...and I just sit back in my chair as if everything is normal...So - you have one more piece of clothing to get past...what on earth do you need from the kitchen now??? But you ask for nothing...I'm surprised...makes me wonder - what's HE up to??? So we proceed with dinner...this makes me squirm because I thought I had the upper hand here...but NO - you've taken control once again! We've finished our meal (with you talking to me but staring at my tits the whole time instead of looking me in the eye....very unnerving to me I must say) and you know me...you know I can't stand a used dish in front of me for more than a minute so I instinctively get up to take our plates into the kitchen...you got me...you used my own habits against me...I realize this just as soon as I took a step away from the table. I start to laugh inside...this man knows me all too well. I go into the kitchen and know, just know that I have to deliver the goods you're expecting...I don't mind though...I'm so hot and horny at this point, I AM READY FOR YOU!

So I return to the table...absolutely naked, and drop my skirt in your lap. You let out such a big laugh, it's just contagious and I start laughing too. You turn towards me in your chair, put your hands on my waist, and start kissing my stomach....oh, do I moan with that...your grip gets tighter and I shiver - I love your strength. You get out of your chair and kneel before me...wow...I can't wait for this! You say you want your dessert now, and you start eating me....I'm in heaven. I throw back my head, close my eyes, and grab onto the table with one hand. My other hand has found its way to my tits and I'm pinching those nipples!

You take care of me for a few minutes, but then I notice a change in you...a lust has come over you, and you say..."Lay on this table my whore...I want to fuck my little slut...right here...right now..." I lean against the table and lay down for you...I ask..."is this how you want me baby?"...you just look at me and your eyes are so intense...they're devouring me....GOD I love it...love that look! You take your cock in one hand...it's huge and it's ready to play...and play you do. You take that cock and start teasing my clit....you're pressing it against me and it's a feeling that's out of this world. You say "you little cunt...are you liking this? If you like it too much, I'm going to have to stop!" I say "Oh baby, baby, please don't stop...PLEASE don't stop...".You chuckle and keep going....and I'm squirming...but you don't continue for too long...you pull your cock back just a bit and enter my so very wet cunt... ever so slowly....a new kind of torture for me. I beg you "oh baby, put that cock in me...please...I love your cock in me...". You reply - "You'll get it, you'll get it all my little slut, don't worry....just enjoy this as it happens...little by little"...again, oh what you do to me!

I'm in such a state as you give me inch by inch of yourself....but finally, you are all the way in me...deep, deep within me...I love it, I just love it! You pull out slowly, and go right back in ...slowly....you're driving me wild...I really think the more wild I get, the slower you go in and out of me....you are teasing me to no end! But then, then, you do something that I never expected. On a major push within me, you lean up to me....kiss me ever so deeply, and grab one of the glasses of wine. You take a sip, lean down, and give me another passionate kiss...tasting the wine off your lips and from inside your mouth is an out of this world sensation...how EROTIC! I let you know how much I enjoy it by letting out a low, sexy groan. You pump in and out of me a few more times, kissing and nibbling my neck the entire time. My back is as arched as I can go. My tits and nipples are hard and wanting you to take them. But you don't take them...instead, you take the little bit of wine that's left in the glass and pour it over me. There's just enough to cover my tits and not make a mess of the dining room. What a feeling I'm having...a naughty and GOOD feeling!!! You proceed to lick the drops of wine hanging off my nipples. You lick and kiss the spot between my tits (another hot spot of mine) and you wipe me clean of any traces of wine. I can't believe you have the control over yourself to do this to my tits while still pumping in and out of me ever so slowly. I on the other hand, have become a mad woman...I can't get enough of you...I have my hands on the back of your head...and I am holding you to me with everything I have. I have my hips raised as much as I can to have you deep, deep inside me. I love how I feel when you do things like this to me.

But now, now we need to get things going quickly because we're both going to burst if we don't. You grab my wrists, tell me "slut...get on the floor...I'm going to take you now". I quickly do as you ask...I lay right there on the dining room floor and open my legs wide for you. You climb on top of me and are in me again within seconds. You go at me with all the power and strength that I so love. I'm at my sexual height...and you are at yours...and soon we give in, together... we cum together once again. You lay on top of me exhausted, but still find it within you to give me a long, passionate kiss. And then you say...."thank you my slut...thank you for letting me enjoy you once again." I smile...kiss you right back...and say "baby, I love it all too, and I especially love how you want me like that."

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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3/19/2006 5:14 am

I was thinking about it at 6:30 a.m. EST!!!

Purry {=}


zorgnot2 60M

3/19/2006 1:20 pm

I'm thinkin' it before sleep, during and the second I awake.
Make mine Cola instead of wine and you've got me going!
Cheers and licks.

rm_vneckgirl replies on 3/19/2006 2:15 pm:
Oh Johnny, you make me laugh! Cola it is...just for you!

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