Bored, so I needed a little zip!  

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3/25/2006 2:09 pm

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Bored, so I needed a little zip!

Ok folks, Saturday afternoon and I'm bored. Did the typical Saturday errands and stuff, and now I'm trying to figure out if I should go out tonight or not. Not very interesting, huh? Sorry. To amke up for it, here'a nother story. I posted this one on the Articles/Erotic Stories section too. Happy reading!

You come into the house at the end of a long day at the office.I look at you and I see something have this look in your eyes....kind of thinking, yet kind of wild....what are you up to I wonder????

You grab one of my wrists and say "come with me you little slut....I have something for you.” We hurry to our feet and you literally drag me upstairs to the bedroom where you tell me to get ready...get ready for something special, very special. You tell me to stand there and close my eyes...I obey you immediately. You leave me for a minute or two and then return, coming up behind me. Soon I feel you tying a blindfold over my eyes. Once it's set, you pull me close to you and start grabbing at my tits and pulling at my're groaning in my ear (OMG) and I'm melting. You tell me "not yet, slut, not yet..." ...oh, what am I in store for here???

You play a little more....still groaning in my ear and moving your hard tongue up and down my neck....oh, am I loving what you do to me! But soon you stop, take my hand and start to lead me somewhere... I'm not certain where we're heading....but I find out quick enough. You've brought me into the shower...the water is already running and the temperature is perfect. You tell me that we need to freshen up before we can continue playing...but that I am to stand there and not move while you wash my body. With the blindfold on and the water coming down on me and having your soapy hands all over my body, I'm having a tough, tough time keeping myself together. And as always when I'm blindfolded, even though I can't see your face, I can tell you're liking what's going on....I can tell it in your touch and I can hear it in your voice.

Now that you've gotten me all worked up you say "get on your knees you whore...wash this cock of mine and then suck it!" I get down there fast (with a little assistance from you) and you place the soap in my hands. I lather it up, put it down and then take your cock between my hands. Your cock is just huge and bulging baby, I can't believe how big you are right now, I really can't. I've never done anything like this before but let me tell you how much it's getting me turned on. I've got your cock so soapy and slippery that my hands and fingers are gliding up and down you so smoothly....I'm liking the feeling so I'm thinking that you're loving it! After a few minutes of this, I can tell that you're anxious to have me suck pull away from me slightly and I can tell you're rinsing the soap from yourself. The next thing I know, one of your hands is holding my head, and the other is shoving your cock in my mouth...all I can say is yum...I love sucking your cock, I just do! I take care of you softly at first...having just the head of your cock in my mouth...letting my tongue play ALL around it. Then I take you all the way in my mouth and start to suck away....nice, huh?? Your balls are in my hands and I'm massaging them while my tongue is exploring all of your hard 7 inches. You are pumping in me now so I move my hands to your ass to pull you closer to, is this wonderful...BUT, you don't want to cum yet so you order me to say "cunt - you're enjoying this far too much...stop sucking now and get to your feet!" I'm surprised by this but do as you instruct me. I still can't see anything, but soon I feel you drying off my body with a nice soft towel....(I've never dried myself off the way in which you're drying me even do this VERY well!)

Now you take me by the hand and lead me back into the bedroom. I'm standing there, not knowing what's next, when I feel you grab my wrist and drag me to the bed, pushing me down and saying "have I got a surprise for you baby....have I got a surprise for you...." I hear rustling through the nightstand but I have no idea of what's next.

You bring my arms up over my head and I feel you tying my wrists together....ok, I'm liking this...very much... Next, you take my legs, and spread them...far apart....not too much and definitely not too little. Somehow, you secure them like this. Now you say to me "my little slut...we're having a great day here so far....for that I want you to cum and cum and cum...don't hold back at all...I want you to cum as many times as you can with what I'm going to do to you." Oh Baby, are you kidding me here? I'm going to be exhausted after this...I know what you do to me!!!! All I can say is "whatever you want Master, whatever you want." And with that, you start...

You climb on the bed and straddle me...teasing my lips with your cock. I try to lick it, but you are keeping it just far enough away from me...I beg you..."baby please, please give me your cock....let me taste you..." but you laugh and say no...I can hear you stroking yourself...slowly. You do this to me for an excruciating amount of time...teasing me...then letting me have a few inches of you in my mouth...and then pulling away again....oh baby, I just want to suck that cock NOW! It pains me to know I can't take it in my really does. Now you move down on me a little and start rubbing your cock all over my tits and my nipples. This starts to put me over the edge I'm telling you. I can feel a few drops of your cum on my nipples (WOW) ... you're moving that cock head around and over my nipples, spreading your cum all over them....I get lost in the feeling and I start to cum....having you play with your cock on my tits like that is out of this world. You're happy with this and say, "There's your first cum baby...let's see how many more we'll get from you...." Now you reposition yourself to be kneeling by my shoulders, facing me. You tell me, "turn your head to me my little slut and suck this cock..." You literally feed me your cock....OMG again...I'm straining against the arm restraints because I just want to SO totally get to your huge cock. You see this, but do nothing about leave me restrained...just like you like. And just to bring home the point a little starting pumping in my mouth...hard and fast....I can't control things very well without my hands, so you cock slips out of my mouth every now and then, sometimes slapping against my chin, sometimes slapping across my like this though I think....

But again you suddenly stop and get off the bed. I hear some rustling but have no idea of what's happening. You come back to the bed and ask "Slut of little whore...are you ready for what's next?" Without knowing what's next, I beg you..."yes baby, I am ready for you...I know you'll do what's right for me..." You keep me laying there for a minute or two and the anticipation is building. My hips are actually starting to buck up into the air just waiting...just waiting for what's next. And then I feel you. You start to play with my tits...pulling them upwards, making me feel like you're ripping them from my body (an indescribably delicious feeling)...and you start sucking these nipples of mine. They are SO damn hard tits are just aching for more and more of this...but remove your mouth...take one tit in your hand, and then I feel've put a nipple clamp on me....oooooooouuuuccccchhhh...but thanks! And you do the same with the other tit....then you play with the clamps...pulling on them, seeing how far you can pull them before I scream out! You get to go pretty far...and you start to suck the underside of my tit when you pull it up like that. Any guess what that does to me? You feel me start to shake again, and hear the low groans coming out of tease me and ask "are we onto number 2 already my little slut"......yes baby, we are....I can't believe it all have brought me to a place I've never been before and I love it.

Now that you have me restrained and move down to my pussy....did you know that I really like being open like this for you? It makes me feel oh so dirty and cheap....just like you like...god we go together well, don't we? You lay down on the bed, between my legs, your face only inches away from my very hot and very wet pussy. You tell me I'm soaking wet, that you can see the cum just dripping out of me...and that you like seeing your slut like this. Oh - that surely sent shivers through me. You part my cunt lips with your fingers and gently start to lick my clit. Your tongue is hard and you're dragging it up and down, over and over again....any guess what's starting within me...again...??? Next, you take my clit in between your lips and you start nibbling....Oh Baby, what can I say...this is just great....After a few nibbles, you give me a few more licks and then, then next thing I know, your tongue is in me!!! You dart that tongue in and out and baby, let me tell have got me forever with this....I'm gone....I really am...I burst out with such a cum I can't believe it. You love watching have got me so under your control it's not even funny. And you want this cum to last for a while so what do you do? Of course you start to finger fuck me....first one, then two, then three fingers in me...I am so very open for pound those fingers in and out of me...oh baby...oh baby...God I love this.

At this point, YOU can't take anymore either. You move up by me, and remove the arm restraints as quickly as kiss me long and hard, and I mean long and hard...and then you put that huge, huge cock in me...God do I scream out! You go at me so hard damn hard...l can't hold you to me tight enough....I love the fact that you are in my cunt this deep...damn! Baby, we are both so sexed up at this point, we both start to cum - HARD! Our cums are more than explosive...they are earth shattering! You start screaming in my ear, just as I'm screaming in your ear....OMG what we do to each other!

docdirk 47M

3/25/2006 5:44 pm

I was thinking about going out this evening as well. However, after reading this, I no longer have to!

Great job!!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

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