After the phone calls...  

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5/6/2006 4:36 am

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After the phone calls...

So, I was thinking the other day about when you go from emailing one another to that first phone call between the two of you. It's an exciting time, no?

Well, this is my thoughts of how it can go a bit further... happy reading!

They've been talking on the phone for about 20 minutes now; it's getting late, time for sleep because they both have work in the morning. But, the conversation has become so hot - talk of what each wants to do to each other - how each will send the other off into pure bliss. And they talk of the pleasures they will get just from seeing the pleasure in the other. Oh, it is wonderful.

Then he suggests it to her, not knowing she's been thinking of it for quite a while now. He wants to come to her - come to her in the dark of the night, come to her to taste her. She wants him. She wants to taste him too, taste his manliness, just a bit salty. She loves to make love to his cock. She loves having him in her mouth. To her it is home and she could lie between his legs forever!

She tells him the address, tells him the front door will be open and for him to come straight into her bedroom. Oh, the excitement of it all! They say goodbye and hang up the phone. He will be with her in minutes! She quickly primps a bit, splashes on a dab of her sexiest perfume, grabs a silky black nightie, puts on some soft music, climbs into bed and closes her eyes.

It seems like forever, but soon she hears her front door open and close. He is here - her heart races. She's left a dim light on so he can find his way. Her eyes remain closed. Then she feels it - feels someone sit down on the bed next to her. He tells her to keep her eyes closed and get lost in the moment. She obeys. She loves his voice, the deepness of it, the intensity of it, and the firmness of it.

She feels him get off the bed, hears him remove his clothing, and then the bedcovers are lowered off her body. A kiss - he has placed his lips on hers with a strength and passion she has never felt. It is a wonderful, all telling, and all consuming kiss. Her back has already arched - purely from instinct - she wants him to touch her. She likes the scent of him and the feel of his lips on hers, and his tongue playing with hers. Oh, she is getting so lost in the feeling - she is alive once again - it feels so damn wonderful!

A hand - a large, strong hand is now covering her left breast, kneading her flesh with intent. Her nipple has grown hard and his thumb and forefinger have taken it prisoner. She loves it. He loves it. His mouth has found its way to her hot, tight, tight neck. Oh my god does she love this! His breath is hot and quickened and his lips are nibbling her. He drags his lips up and down her neck and this sets her on fire. He reads this and then gently bites her - she moans in sheer delight.

His mouth replaces his fingers on the one nipple they were exploring, and as he suckles her (OMG) his fingers move to her other side - paying full attention to that other lonely, lonely nipple. She isn't certain how he knows this, but she melts when having both nipples played with. He makes her feel so damn womanly for some reason. He is a master at this, and her body movements and sighs tell him that everything he is doing to her, he is doing oh so, so right!

She needs to taste him - she needs him in her mouth now! He has given her so much pleasure; she needs to do the same for him. Still without opening her eyes, she cradles his face within her hands, brings it to her mouth so she can kiss him passionately, and he gives in to her - allows her to do this. They kiss soft, and long, and hard, and gentle. She opens her eyes and for the first time this evening, she sees him. The look they give to one another is so intense, so telling, so wanting, so giving. She sees right through him, as he sees through her. Both smile, a warm, warm loving smile. He kisses her forehead and rolls over onto his back. He is now hers to please. Oh, she is thankful for this.

She starts with kissing his lips once more - a soft, gentle kiss that he welcomes from her. It's short, but promises of things to come. She works her way down this body of his, kissing him here, tracing her fingernails over his skin there, just loving him...his body... until she gets to his manhood. She strokes it gently, and then wraps her fingers around it, pulling up and down just a bit. She longs to have him in her mouth.

She positions herself between his legs and lays her cheek against the wonderfully soft skin of his inner thigh. It is is comforting... she likes this feeling. Her tongue reaches out and licks his balls...slowly, gently... like a cat licking at its paw. She moves a bit and now starts to lick his rigid cock. It is luscious. Licks up and down...slowly...quickly...gently...firmly... A gasp escapes his lips for he is enjoying this very much. She looks up at him and sees him watching her. She likes when he does that, he likes when she looks at him too. Smiles are exchanged, and she returns to her task at hand.

She moves her mouth to concentrate on the head of his manhood...oh, her favorite part. Running her tongue along the crown… licking him as though he were her favorite flavor ice cream cone. Minutes pass and there is no stopping her. He is ready to bust... His hands stroke her hair, tug it a little (oh she loves that too), and she refuses to be pulled away! He lets her linger a bit more, she knows her time is limited now so she goes at him with a heated passion like never before. He can't take this and pulls her up to him...pulls her alongside him, wraps his arms around her and hugs her tightly. They share another passionate kiss and then he mounts her.

His first entrance into her releases her first orgasm. He does this to her...wave after wave of orgasm...some small, some earth shattering. His strokes are long and purposeful, all filling. God, she loves to be filled like this. Her hands rest on his upper arms - she loves the strength she feels in him. He loves the wetness of her, and he loves the tightness of her. He feels at home within her. She feels at home with him in her.

They make love. It goes on for what may be hours, who knows? They are both spent; they both fall asleep in one another's arms. She awakens to the morning light, but she is alone. He is gone, she feels sad. The phone rings - it is he - "Good Morning my love, how are you?"...she smiles.... she melts.

xbeta 64M
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5/6/2006 7:20 am

hi Vneck,
dont lets beat around the bush, you are a sexy kitten! give me a call! friends

zorgnot2 60M

5/7/2006 8:13 pm

Very, very good, girl. But you always have only the best in pleasant erotica. Nice surprise end, too.


5/8/2006 5:36 am

Sounds tremendously sexy, would love to sneak into your house somenight so we can enjoy each others "company"

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