Wondering - Part 3  

rm_vixenflir 58M
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9/4/2005 12:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wondering - Part 3

You take the vibrator from my hand, turn the speed up to just 'medium', give it one long lick all the way up the length of it and slide down between your pussy lips - not inside yourself, just along the entire slit. Your eyes suddenly open wide for a split second as the vibration starts to settle in on your clit. You hold your other arm behind your back, just as I have directed. You can see the look of satisfaction in my eyes as you follow each of my directives.This will be good for both of us!

As you look up at the end of my cock, which is pointing straight out and up towards your forehead, you can see that you have excited me so much that it couldn't possibliy get any harder. The tip is a slight purplish color and you have me so hard that the skin of the tip is pulled tight. So tight that the slit in the end is no longer pursed close - you can see that it is forced open and the pre-cum fluid is coming directly out of it. The large drip on the end has now gathered so much that it slid over the edge and now a thin stream of it is slowly sliding down the entire shaft. You lick your lips......

You are on your knees which are situated on the pile of clothes. You strain up, lifting and stretching your neck in order to capture the tip in your mouth. When you do, you wait. Wait to see how I want it. The warm of your mouth and the vacume of your slight sucking makes me tremble a bit and blink my eyes. The vibrator you hold is now covered with so much of your lubrication that it slides easily back and forth along your slit. I slowly push my hips forward, watching as you hold position and my cock slowly disappears in your mouth. I can feel you swirling your tongue around it as it go in. Back out and then in farther each time. When I am in as far as it can go, I hold it there for just a second to feel it rubbing the back of your throat. Each time I go in, I go just a bit farther and hold it just a bit longer - until you finally start to gag alittle, then I know how far I can go to give us both the most pleasure.

I can see you starting to ride the vibrator and grind your hips back and forth as your hand moves it. I am watching carefully so you don't get too close to cumming. When you start making small sounds everytime I pull my cock out, I know you are on your way. You close your eyes and I can't see the vibrator's length going back and forth so I know you have let it slip inside and are fucking yourself with it. "Stop!" I demand, as I pop my cock out of your mouth and grab you by the shoulders, lifting you off your knees.

I take the vibrator from your hand, but hold on to it for later. I push you gently back onto the lounge. Still on the balcony in full view of anyone who wants to see, I grab your both of your knees and lift them slightly up and as far apart as they will spread. You are now totally exposed to me. You grab your knees with your hands to help me hold them open because this IS what you want. I begin to lick your entire pussy, from hole to clit. It is so sensitive that I know you may cum at any second. I watch as the muscles in your stomach start to twitch again and when I feel you are almost to the top, I stop and tell you " Don't cum until I tell you, or I will stop - I will leave!" (ya right!)
I build you up and then stop twice, on the third time, I begin using my tongue on your tiny rosebud as I lick up along to your clit. You move your ass up and push it towards me every time I hit this tightest of all spots.I have started to fuck you with two fingers as I lick and now that they are covered with your lubrication, I take the longest one and place it right on your little rosebud. I barely put just the smallest amount of presure on its tip so it is seated in the ring and then I wait..........wait for you to press forward.

As my tongue reaches your clit again and dances around it, I feel you hold your breath and your ass comes forward toward me. The finger slips in to the first knuckle and you stop, I know you are waiting for the muscles to relax.

We both feel it relax at the same time and you continue to push forward slowly until the entire finger is hidden inside you. I am not moving the finger, you begin to move your ass back and forth causing it to fuck you. Little sounds of desparation are coming from your throat and your breathing is rapid and quick. Yes, I will let you cum this time because this is what you wanted all along.....I apply suction directly to your clit and run my tongue back and forth across it rapidly - your every muscle goes tight and you arch your back off the lounge as you cum in wave after wave......but I am not done with you yet. I haven't cum in 5 days and there is a huge load waiting to spill inside you somewhere.........

Where shall it be? Steve

rm_saintlianna 45F
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9/4/2005 4:16 pm

Everywhere! God that was good. I want to hear the rest of it.

rm_vixenflir 58M
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9/5/2005 7:07 am

Lianna - For you...........anything!

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