The Trail of a Dog Soldier - chapter1  

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8/20/2005 11:39 am

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The Trail of a Dog Soldier - chapter1

After years and several wives giving me presents for holidays that sucked (ties, socks, belt)I was given a gift that to this day I consider to be the best gift I've ever recieved. A bit of scene setting first:
a) This was back when you could slap a co-worker on the ass and not go to jail for it.
b)Yes, she worked with me (I know! bad man - bad man) but what red blooded male wouldn't when you hear this story.
c)We both were married.
d) = she rated tatoo #1 - a ying/yang symbol on my left peck so I would never forget her.
e)She was younger (how much remains our secret - but it was by no means cradle robbing).

We worked together in a c-store and had been friends for quite some time. The banter between us had taken a turn toward the sexual over the past weeks because there was an obvious attraction between us. Mostly just hard core teasing that left her wet and me hiding in the mens room until my hard-on would go soft!

One day we were sorting through new magazines to be put out on the sale rack and came across several hard core porno type mags that had been delivered by accident. As we stood together thumbing through one, we came across a pictorial of a hot woman masturbating and I made the comment to her "Now see! you would have a good carreer at this type of thing." she responded that she already had done it and walked away. The ultimate tease!!!! After repeated attempts to find out what she meant, she finaly admitted that she and her husband had taken home vidio of themselves having sex and she said she thought????? there was some tape of her masturbating on it. I was consumed! I had to see this as we had never even touched, yet the sexual tension was always there between us. I played it cool (expecting to be shot down). As we passed each other a bit later I posed "Do you think there's a chance I could watch this tape someday?" She answered "Sure, I'll bring it to you after work". Stunned and trying to hold back a hard-on and an adrenelin rush at the same time, I remained cool and said "Great" with a tremble in my voice.

True to her word, she left work before me but returned as I walked out to my truck and pulled from under the bottom of her shirt, a small vidio tape (remember this is back before the digital stuff), handed it me and said "I think its on this one somewhere, I can't even remember what it was about really."..... She knew exactly what was on there!!!!

So now I had it! It was in my hand and my cock started to drip as I imagined what carnal images would be on it as I drove away. Next problem = I have no way to play it! All I have is a vcr! So borrowed a vidio cam from a friend on false pretenses and cabled it into my vcr (YA! I was gonna get a lasting copy of anything good on this), Set the camera behind the console tv so the wife wouldn't see it. She was busy with dinner anyway and never gave me a thought. Plus she had an annoying habit of getting stoned and going to bed early, leaving me to deal with my horniness on my own which she again did this night. I popped the tape in and let it play only on the camera. It was all family stuff and her kid playing in the yard! Through out dinner and early evening I would check on this tape playing behind the TV on the 3 inch viewing screen of the vidio camera. each time I checked, there were only more family event scenes being played out. Finally when the wife was ready for bed in a weed induced fog, I had given up and took one more peek at the film playing. There it was!!!! Her naked! Smallish tits - hard nipples - legs spread and 2 fingers deep inside her shaven pussy (I KNEW she shaved!!!!) I went flush immediatly. My heartbeat raced. I pushed 'stop' and tried to figure out how to continue this private screening alone and still hear the moans I knew must be on the tape, plus record a copy - cause I wasn't gonna loose this chance!

Let me know if you want to hear the rest of the event! And what's the best sexual gift you ever recieved? Thanks for reading, Steve

rm_saintlianna 45F
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8/20/2005 7:04 pm

I want to hear it! This is good. And, unfortunatly, I have never recieved any kind of sexual gift(sob), but I am not dead yet, so you never know.

rm_vixenflir 58M
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8/25/2005 1:19 pm

Kat - still makin' tapes these days! I'll post the rest of the story this weekend. Thanks as always. Steve

Saintlianna - thanks for the comment - the BEST sexual gifts are the ones least expected, they will show up for you.

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