The Bag - Part 2  

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9/12/2005 2:13 pm

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The Bag - Part 2

......You stand up from the couch and extend your arms straight out behind you, allowing the white silk robe to slide the rest of the way down your arms and fall to a pile on the floor. Then you quickly rest your knee on the couch, climbing back on with hands and knees as directed. I am now sitting behind you on the edge of the couch - loading the batteries into your new toys. You turn your head back towards me to watch what I'm doing and I can see the look of worry cross your face as you bite your lower lip in anticipation - it brings a smile to my face to know you are waiting for me to give you the next direction, but have no idea of what I shall have you doing except that it will bring us both the pleasure we so crave from each other.

From my vantage point I can see all of your treasures, your beautiful slit with the hood of your clit already protruding out above the lips - begging for attention, all of your soft curving ass, the tight rosebud of your ass-hole that will soon be the root of our pleasure and as I look forward I can see your breasts pointing down - appearing to be at their fullest and terminating with those bite size nipples I love so much. I can see the moisture gathering on your pussy lips that betrays how excited you really are, but I still coat the smaller black vibrator with liquid lube from the bottle as you watch. Then I wrap my hand around it and spread the lubricant up and down the shaft like I was jacking my own cock (you should BE so lucky!). You know better than to ask what I'm going to do, you simply wait to see what sensations I will let you have.

I arrange myself to be directly behind you and I aim the vibrator between your legs, however your legs are almost clamped together and it won't be able to move freely. "Spread your legs!" I say in a harsh voice. You make a half hearted attempt and the knees spread apart only a few inches - still confining the parts I want to get to. That was a mistake!

"Smack" is the only sound you hear as my hand meets the soft flesh of your ass cheek. The swat catches you off guard and you let out a slight squeak. Your ass dips down with the sting then right back up because you know another will follow if you don't. "I said Spread Your Legs!"...This time there is no hesitation, your kness spread to the farthest points possible without you falling off the couch and the result is what I was waiting for - your pussy lips open up like a flower blossom showing me every millimeter of your most private of parts. Glistening with your juices, it takes all I can muster not to drop the vibrator and attach my mouth to this until you.............well back to the lessons.

I turn on the vibrator to just a low setting because I know you aren't used to it yet. At the same time, I know you will be begging me to turn it up soon. I place it length wise along your entire slit and gently gently slide it back and forth over the entire area, stopping with the tip just barely touching your clit, holding it there for a second then back the other way. Back and forth I take the buzzing toy until I see you start to move against it slightly. Then I use just the tip to circle round and round your clit. Pausing occasionally right over the clit until I hear you exhale a strained breath as you fight the building climax, trying to hold it off until you've gotten all the pleasure to be had. " Do you want me to put it inside you? " I ask. You nod your head. "SMACK!" another slap... " DO you want it inside you?" I ask more impatiently. "Yes" comes from your lips in a whisper. "SMACK!"...... "Yes - WHAT!" I state...." Yes, Please put it inside me" you respond in the correct tone... You are now expecting the small vibrator to be eased into your deep folds, but before you can recover from the sting of the last slap I suddenly rear up on my knees and bury my cock inside you in one strong thrust - all the way in until it will go no farther. I still have the vibrator in my hand. I turn it up to almost the fastest vibration, then I reach around the front of your thigh with it and place the tip in the furrow of your slit, right over your clit and begin circling it with the vibating toy. As I begin to pound my cock into you, all I hear come from your mouth is "OH GAWD!" as the sensations begin to over-run you.

When your breathing starts coming in short gasps, I know you are close to cumming and I remove the vibrator from your clit and pull my cock out entirely. "Don't cum until I tell you!" are the only words I speak as I once again replace cock and the vibrating tip that you now crave so badly. Twice I perform this hellish tease on you - stopping all stimulation just as you are on the brink. Your breathing is coming out of you like you just ran a mile as I reach over and pick up the larger vibrator and click it on 'high'. I switch it out with the hand holding the smaller one and prepare to set it against your clit again. I enter your pussy with my cock again - this time I place only the head inside and don't move it. I suck in my stomach and sit up to allow me access to your ass-hole with the smaller vibrator. Still slick with the bottled lube and your fluids, we both know it will slide in with out pain if you relax. I place the tip against your ass-hole still running on high speed - this actually helps to relax that muscle. At the same time, I set the larger vibrator against your clit. You whimper a bit and throw your head back. You know if you want my cock inside you farther when you cum,that you will have to allow the vibrator to enter you at the same time......The vibrator on your clit is pushing you to the point of no return. "Yes" I tell you in a soft voice "you can cum now, my love". You begin to push backwards and the vibrator disappears in your ass as my cock disappears in your pussy at the same rate and you begin to spasm as the orgasm takes you to somewhere I can never go.........

Whats this? A package of anal beads left on the table? Alright, I'll let you rest for a minute until you catch your breath and then we'll learn a new lesson............Steve

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9/12/2005 7:45 pm

I think I may love my teacher, I want the rest!!!!

rm_vixenflir 58M
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9/13/2005 5:22 am

Rest for a bit then my dear, but I will have to get the rest of the story out soon because its burning inside me and I haven't.......'relaxed'.....yet. PS - the teacher feels the same

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9/13/2005 5:41 am


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