The Bag - Part 1  

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9/9/2005 7:12 am

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The Bag - Part 1

"Whats in the bag?" you ask as I gently set the brown paper form down on the kitchen island counter. "That depends......whats under that robe?" I query back.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" you say to me with that sarcastic wit that you know will click us into the scene that you enjoy the most. I don't answer yet, I just take in the view. Its a white silk robe that falls to mid-thigh and you have it loosely tied so that the front is open in a 'V' shape down to your belly button. That damn bra though - even though I can see its the red lacey one that I like so much, its now in the way of a great visual. I've just gotten to your place after a long day of meetings, but now I start to feel refreshed and hornier than I was when the clerk placed the items in the bag for me and that was pretty bad (I walked out of the store with a hard-on!)

"Well I'm gonna find out in a few minutes" I shoot back at you. "Come over here." I direct you in a serious voice. You set down your glass of wine and follow me and my little bag into the living room. I direct you to sit down on the couch and I set the brown bag on the coffee table in front of you. "I'm going to take a shower now.....You are not to open the bag or look inside while I am gone.... just sit there and wait for me.... do you understand?" You nod slightly, I know you will obey my directions as always and I also know the anticipation will drive you nuts (just like christmas presents under the tree put you up a wall with curiosity!) "And there'd better be nothing on under that robe when I come back!" I give as a final directive as I turn to head towards the shower. " You'd better not rip another one!"you slash out to me. "Then it better be gone because you know I will!" is all I leave you with as I vanish to the shower.

I come back into the room wearing only a towel and see that you have taken off the bra and matching panties and thrown them on the coffee table next to the bag, which appears to not have been touched. The panties have landed so that the panel is up and I can see the large wet spot on them that your fluids created before you could get them off. You don't say anything as I stand in front of you with the towel on, just look up at me with those beautiful haunting doe eyes that have captured my soul. " If you want to see what is the bag, you'll have to suck my balls first." I simply state. Your nipples are hard and pushing against the silk of the robe producing tiny peaks in the material as you reach up with both hands, take the towel loose and let it fall to the floor. My cock is semi-hard and already beginning to rise at your eye level as you wrap your hand around the shaft and lift it up so you can get to the smooth balls. You take one in your mouth and the warmth shoots up to my brain immediately. You apply just the right amount of presure in sucking and pulling the sack back towards you that you know I love. Almost the brink of pain but not quite. It creates a dull ache that spreads up inside of me. "Thats a goooood girl.....make me want to fuck you" I say as you switch to the other one and give it the same treatment. Its getting you hot at the same time I can tell because of the way you are clamping your thighs together and soft moans are coming from inside your throat.

My cock is now rock hard in your hand as you let the nut pop out of your mouth and run your tongue up the entire shaft and lick off the drop of pre-cum sitting at the top. You open your lips and are about to take the head in mouth when I grab a handfull of your hair and jerk your head back. " Not yet!" I command "You'll get your chance in a while." There is a whimper of disappointment.

I push your shoulders back until your neck hits the back of the couch and I move my leg in front of your knees. I apply presure with it, but you resist. "Open them!" I say as I look you directly in the eyes. You shift your eyes down in submission and loosen the clamp of your knees so my leg slides between them spreading them farther as it goes forward. I push the robe back over your shoulders which exposes all of you to me. Your breathing gets shallower and quicker as I reach down and place two fingers just inside your slit. You are very turned on it seems as the fingers are immediately coated and slide back and forth over your clit with ease. Then I slide the same two deep inside you and take in a huge breath and close your eyes. From our position, the space between my thumb and first finger is grazeing your clit as the two fingers continue in and out. You begin moving your hips up and out to meet my hand with every insertion. Your eyes are still closed as you begin to throw your head from side to side. I know you are building inside. As you get almost to the point of no return, I grab your jaw and hold your face forward with my free hand. Your eyes pop open wide and stare at me in disbelief. In an action that has become our trademark, I stare you directly in the eyes and say "You DO NOT cum until I tell you - UNDERSTAND?" You simply blink your eyes and look down as you knod yes in compliance. I let loose of your face and bend down to french you deeply, as we release the kiss I say "thats my good girl - now for your prize".

I turn back to the coffee table and dump out the contents of the bag. What you see in front of you makes your eyes bug out a bit. There is a small vibrator about 5 inches long, black in color - a large vibrator about 7 inches long, which is pink, a small bottle of well known liquid personal lubricant and another package with what appears to you to be a string of martigras beads wrapped in a circle pattern inside its package. You pick this one up to inspect it. The beads are blue and green, about 3/4 of an inch in diameter and about an inch and 1/2 of cord in between each bead. You know they are anal beads and we've talked about them before, but this is reality. "I don't know Steve!" you say as you are inspecting the other packages "I've never done any of this before, I don't even know how to use them!"

"I know" I say to you "Its time for you to learn, now take that robe off and get on the couch - hands and knees!" My directions are followed.

More to cum.......Steve

rm_saintlianna 45F
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9/9/2005 1:47 pm

Oh god, thats funny, you know me too well, I love it!

rm_vixenflir 58M
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9/10/2005 8:10 am

Lianna - "All the better to write you with my dear" said the wolf to Little Red Riding Hood! You don't live with Grandma do you????!!!

kyplowboy2 61M

9/10/2005 8:14 am

I bet things are getting moist in PA lol

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
9/10/2005 6:15 pm

Vixen, I think I like your animal side.......

ky, you are sooooooo asking for it, pow! straight to the moon.

rm_vixenflir 58M
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9/11/2005 6:57 am

Be nice you two!!! There's plenty of room for all of us! (lol)

Plowboy - Thanks - back to you soon

Lianna - you ain't seen nothin' yet!

sexyeyes375 47F

9/11/2005 2:52 pm

..your stories are addicting... they are what fantasies and realities are made of..

rm_vixenflir 58M
295 posts
9/12/2005 9:47 am

Sexy - Thanks for the thoughts once again, so glad you enjoy my little ramblings!

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