One Autumn Morning  

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10/28/2005 7:39 am

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One Autumn Morning

You did not feel my warmth leave yours as I slipped out of the bed. Its 5:15 AM and I have to pee. I'm amazed that I could possibly have a morning hard-on after what you put my cock through last night and yet - there it is -rageingly hard, blue viens pulsing, the head stretched tight just as the glove of your pussy does to it when you preform those fantastic Kegal movements on it. It almost hurts it is so full of blood and I know I'll have to wait for it to subside before I can piss.

I stare out the window for a moment at the early morning. It is autumn now and even though the sun is not up, I can see it start to show a tiny crack of light on the horizon. This shallow light shows me that it is below freezing again outside with frost clinging to everything the cold air has touched over night. We are warm and safe in our haven though - we threw off the comforter and blankets in our quest to satisfy eachother just hours ago and they lay piled to the sides of the bed.......

My cock has softened now so I go and relieve myself. On my return to the bedroom I see you are still sound asleep and I gaze in wonder at your soft body as you lay sprawled on your stomach. The scene is illuminated by the soft low light filtering through the frosted window pain and the view causes me to recall the animal acts we performed for and on each other in the deepest part of the night. I can see the soft cotton rope still hanging from the middle of the head board where your wrists were restained as you yelled out carnal screams caused by my love for you and how I used your body for my pleasure as well as yours.............I feel a stirring from deep inside myself.........guilty for wasting the morning hard-on that you relish so much - my cock needs attention before it will fill to the length you need. I picture in my mind what it will feel like to have my soft cock and both balls inside your mouth and picture what your eyes will look like as it starts to grow in there..............

I'll wait until you wake to place my facid cock in your mouth I decide, until then I reflect on our adventures from the previous evening. I had sent you out shopping as a ruse to get you out of the house for a bit to prepare your surprise. When you returned, the sun had already disappeared and the bedroom was lit with candles, dinner was ready for you and was sitting on the still made bed. The smile on your face, seen in the flickering candle light, told me you were pleased and that in turn told me you would be pleasing me before this night was out. First however, you were to be treated as a queen before I turned you into my whore. I walked up to you and kissed you deeply as I removed your coat and started to undress you. You reached for the buttons on my shirt, but I stopped you saying " this is 'your' time let me do it". I quickly undressed you and then myself. I watch your eyes as they turn immediately hungry for my cock, which is already on its way to full length. You reach for it and again I stop you. "Not yet" is all that I say as I lead you to the bathroom, also already lit by candle light, where I have prepared your bath - a tub full of delightfully warm water and the foam of bath oils and soaps. I lead you to the tub and into it with me. As the heated water is registered in your mind, I see you close your eyes with pure enjoyment. We are sitting in the tub with your back to me and up between my legs. I know you can feel the hardness of my cock against your back as the soap bubbles create a slickness that makes it slip across your your skin. Sitting in this position, I use a bar of soap to gently wash all of your body, under your arms, over and underneath your tits and down to and through your pussy. After I've lathered you up and rinsed it off, I switch positions and get in front of you in the tub. I reach outside the tub and pick up a large roll of towels that I left there earlier and bring them into the water. I instruct you to raise your ass up and I place the towels under you - this brings your ass and pussy up above the water line and gives me access to your most tender of spots. I tell you to lay back and relax because I'm going to shave you. There is no hesitation from you because you have total trust in me as I lather up your pussy and shave it clean and smooth while you enjoy the pampering. To trust me unquestionably with a blade so close to your most womanly of parts, is what makes the whole procedure so intense for me......

After I'm done shaving your pussy clean, I tell you to sit up in the tub. You do so and your eyes widen as I stand completly up in front of you. My ridgid cock is a deep pink in color from the water temperature and pointed straight at your face. You reach for it, but I stop you once again "Not yet" I state once again, "you'll have your chance". I can see the animal lust in your eyes as you never even look into mine. Your gaze is on the hard throbbing channel of flesh before your eyes. I know your pussy has engorged with blood and pulses from the thrill of the shaving. You WANT my cock - and yet you know better than to disobey me. Then right before your eyes, I lather up my pubic area and balls, then start to shave them just inches from your stare. You are mesmerized as I move the blade along the soft tissue of my sack and the clean skin is uncovered by each blade stroke. Your breathing increases in speed as I continue to remove the lather. When I am done, you ask "may I have it now?". "No, first you are still to be treated as a lady......we have dinner to eat.....then you will be a whore for me, offering up your body for me to use". You smiply smile that knowing smile that says you are more than ready to play...........

We step out of the tub and I dry your entire body with a towel and then myself. I lead you to the bed. A feast of delicate food has been prepared for you and I will feed you each bite because you ARE a lady and deserve to be treated as such. It is now that you see the soft cotton rope looped at the top of the headboard and the ends draped behind it so you can't see how long they are. "Whats this for?" you querry. " Thats for desert " I shoot back. You ask nothing more as you scoot up onto the bed, but where our skin touches, I can feel your temperature start to rise - I know the wondering has started the anticipation process inside of you and now the adreneline will increase and the fluids from deep inside your pussy will start to flow towards escape..............

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10/29/2005 1:26 pm

..mmm... ready to play

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10/29/2005 4:47 pm

Deja vu

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10/30/2005 10:36 am

Cutie - thanks and keep enjoying

Sexy - hold on to your 'AA's - more to come

Saint - do 'vu' want some more?

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