Autumn morning - Part 3  

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11/2/2005 1:36 pm

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4/18/2006 10:32 am

Autumn morning - Part 3 the flesh of your pussy lips touches the head of my cock, I instantly feel the heat and lube from your supple lips as it is transfered to my cock. I know that you feel the same heat as the tip of my flesh slides between your lips. I delight in watching your struggle to move forward every millimeter in an attempt to gain my cock. The look on your face is one of fustration, concentration and urgency. Your thighs and stomach muscles ripple with the tremors of your imposing orgasm as my thumb continues on your clit - at the same time you are pulling on your bindings and trying to scoot your ass forward to gain entry of my cock. Finally the head 'pops' inside your body, but the slightest movement from you makes it 'pop' back out and you've lost the territory you once claimed. Back on the head you go, popping it in once more, but your involuntary movements to reach satisfaction cause you to squirm the other other way and out it pops again. Over and over you repeat this several times, your breathing comes in short gasps everytime the head passes your delicate entrance........

"Do you want to cum for me now, my little whore?" I smile and ask. There is no answer or glance from you. Your entire being is concentrated on getting more of my six simple inches of trobbing flesh inside of you. Preturbed, I release the pressure of my thimb on your clit and use the fingers from that same hand to give your clit a quick finger-tip slap......the movement brings you back to reality and you look at me with begging eyes "Pleeeeeease, may I cum?" whimpers from your lips. You almost have tears in your eyes and I feel feel pity for my little slut........almost.........As your eyes watch my movement, I reach behind me and grab your vibrator that I placed there when I removed the food tray. I turn it on 'high speed' as far as it will go and place it's tip just above your clit, but not touching it. The loud humming can be heard throughout the room. Your eyes are locked onto the vibrator as you utter "yesss....yesss....pleeeeease". I once again ask "are you ready to cum like the little whore you are?"........"yes! I'll do any thing you want...just Pleeease let me cum!"....."Very well, you may" I simply respond as I touch the tip of the vibrating phalus to your clit and move my own hips forward just a bit, which allows you to suck a couple of inches of my cock into your now dripping hole..."ooooooooooooohhhhh" comes slipping from your mouth as you throw your head back, your long hair flipping forward and striking me in the face. Your pelivis is pumping forward in short quick movements now as you have my cock in the entrance but feel the carnal need to bring it deeper and deeper. Each thrust forward by you pushes my cock a bit farther inside. Suddenly you arch your back and cease all movement as every muscle in your body tightens. I spin the vibator around you clit - round and around as you spasm and your whole body jerks with the relief you have been granted. This lasts for a surprisingly long time and when you finally begin to calm down and the spasms slow and become fewer in number, I pull the vibrator from its nest and you pull yourself away from my cock. Your hair is hanging in strings which cover your face. I put down the vibrator for the time being and use my fingers to move the strands back into place behind your ears. "Was that what you wanted my love?" I ask. "uh huh" is the only thing that comes out of you as your breathing continues to slow. "Now" I say as I roughly pull on the loose rope end, which releases your bonds. "Now you will be my little whore and I will fuck your body in any way I desire!". "Yes" you say as you scoot your ass forward on the bed so you can lay down on your back. "Do everything I tell you to, or I'll tie your hands again" I tell you. "I will" you answer as you bask in the after glow of what had to be one of the hugest orgasms I've ever seen you have. " Give me your ass" I command as I grab your hip and roll you over on your stomach. I am on my knees above and between your legs. "Put your ass in the air for me" I cammand again. You slowly begin to bring your knees up underneath yourself, but not fast enough for me. "Smack!" is the sound as your ass cheek begins to turn a darker pink "Faster" is all I say. You comply, but......."Smack!" again as I direct you "Higher!". You stick your ass as far up and out towards me as you can - your face still down on the bed so that your ass is higher and more open. Even though I am between your legs...."Smack!" ..."spread your legs wider!" I order. I have alternated ass cheeks with the quick snaps of my hand, they are both showing the pink marks of my finger prints. You spread your knees as far as they will go and this causes your pussy lips to spread apart where I can see the slit is full of fluids from your orgasm and your hole is forced to gape open a bit.....I see it too is full of fluids waiting to be pushed out so they can run down your legs. The tiny ring of your asshole is pink and protuding from the flatness of the skin around beckons to me to use it.....and I will, but not for my cock.....I have other plans..........I now message your rosy ass cheeks tenderly and say "what a girl good you are to me" as I move forward, once again bringing my cock to bare on your pussy hole...........

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11/4/2005 6:52 pm

wow, I

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11/7/2005 9:46 am

Lianna - soooooo glad you approve!

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4/18/2006 5:10 am

Spank me,you naughty little boy.........kisses miss vixen xxxooo

rm_vixenflir 58M
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4/18/2006 10:32 am

Miss V! Bare that pretty little ass for me and you know I will!!!!

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