Autumn Morning - Part 4  

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11/4/2005 8:45 am

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Autumn Morning - Part 4

..........I reach up and grab a handfull of that beautiful long red hair and begin applying presure backwards towards myself. "Back up here and fuck yourself on my cock!" I demand...As the head touches your hole, I release the tension. "You know this is going to fill up your pussy don't you?" I sneer at you. "yes" is your response. "You know I'm going to fuck your holes until you can't take it, don't you little slut?" ........."yes" is the only think heard from you........."You know I'm going to make you do some VERY dirty things to yourself and to me before I give you my cum, don't you?" I continue to set your mind frame "Tell me that you are here to serve me and be my whore!"..........There is silence......"SMACK!" comes the quick sting to your already pink ass cheek....."TELL ME!" I snap........."I am here to serve you and I want you to make me your whore.....I will do anything to please you" the words come out slow and I know you realize what this entails......."Fine then, lets begin " I respond in a satisfied tone........

I increase the presure on your locks once again. Just making you back up enough to pop the head and a bit of shaft inside. I then release the presure and use my other hand to push on your ass so you move back off my cock. Then back again and off again and again, slowly and a little farther inside you each time. I am allowing the skin at the entrance to your pussy to stretch and relax so it isn't painful for least not this part....Once my cock is fully inside you for the first time, I keep the presure where it is and force you to hold my cock deep inside without moving......"Thats my good girl......this is how I want you.....this shows me you belong to me and we are part of eachother"........."yeeees" you whimper - fighting the urge to rock your body and feel the shaft rub the inner most walls of your being. I reach down with my free hand and slide the side my thumb up your thigh. This coats it with your own fluids which my cock has now pushed from inside you and that are now drenching my balls and dripping down your thighs towards the mattress. You feel me do this and know what it means...we've been here before. You bow your back in to push your ass up towards me just a bit more as you feel my hand settle on the crack of your ass and the flat of the end of my thumb seat itself in the ring of your ass.....I release the tension on your hair and guild you forward off my cock keeping the thumb presure on your delicate know what is just don't know how much...this is what you crave from me and now you will recieve want me in to gain access to the part of you that makes you feel like a true whore...a whore that will do anything to please me.........

"Now" I say with a smirk and at the same time I apply pressure with my thumb, this causes you to clench your rim tight." I want you let me in....I want you to relax your asshole and let my thumb slide inside you because my cock is going to fuck you there soon !"...."yes" slides from your lips and I feel you concentrate and thumb feels the muscle relax a bit and it begins its entry smoothly from using your own fluids...At the same time I apply the pressure to your hair again and your head is tilted backward until it can go no farther and then your body must move back towards me. I watch with satisfaction as you move back and the thumb slides in to the first cock also slides into your pussy the same distance. I stop your movment and wait....I can feel your asshole has once again crimped closed on my thumb and I know it will cause pain if I continue. I am nothing if not patient and I know the muscle will relax soon." Thats my good girl" I coo to you "let it relax and then we'll fuck it somemore"....It takes only a minute or so to feel this muscle once again release inside your body and I tug on your hair to begin the movement again.....all the way now until my thumb is burried deep in your ass. I then press forward with my hand but keeping my thumb stationary and releasing your hair at the same time - this allows me to watch the beautiful site of my thumb being unveiled from your asshole. The site is exquisite for me and I know the sensation for you is one of extasy as I begin the whole process over again and reach deep into your ass and pussy with two parts of my flesh at the same time. The pace quickens as I repeat the motions over and over. My thumb can feel my cock through the thin tissue deep inside you and my balls start to gurgle with an impending spewing. Your breathing starts becoming more and more labored with each insertion. I know you are starting to build, but the site and sounds are too much for me.....I know I will cum soon and I have not used your body for all I desire, so I release your hair and withdraw both my cock and my thumb. "pleaase" you cry out "I need to cum again" you plead in the most submissive voice I've ever heard you use. "No....not yet my little whore....I'm not through using your body yet" I explain in a calm voice that barely masks the fact that all my animal instincts are telling my to pound your pussy deep with my cock until I release the torrent of cum that is building deep in my balls.........

While you are still on all fours, I work my way along side your body and once again grab a handfull of your hair - this time right at the back of your head and right up close to the scalp. As my cock comes to position beside your face I demand of you "lick your sticky fluids off my cock....I want it totaly clean before we start again". You look directly at my cock and see that it is dripping with the mingleing of both of our fluids...they have dribbled down my balls so thick that the whole sack is coated. I use the control I have of your head by the hair to bend your neck back a bit, which opens your mouth and bring your beautiful lips forward to my cock and balls. You are still so horny from being denied the orgasm that you lick and suck every bit of liquid off while I direct you with the tight hold I have in your red hair. I force you to start with my balls and you suck both of them into your mouth after licking them clean. You apply hard suction to my two large olive size nuts and bite down with your teeth just enough to let me know that you are there. The feeling is so good that I momentarily loose track of controling your head and you pull back with your mouth, stretching the sack as far as it will go. The dull ache spreads acroos the two balls and up inside of me. I hear you laugh down in your throat and I tell you "you'll pay for that one you little bitch!" as I once again gain my senses and pull your hair back to force you into releasing my sack. Then I direct you to the shaft where you begin long licks upward to the tip. After all the fluid has been lapped up, you place the head of my cock in your mouth and I press your head forward so the column of flesh slides to the back of your throat. You gag just a bit, but I release the pressure on your head enough to bring the tip away from the back of your throat, but not any farther. "Take more of it!" I demand and you slurp forward trying to please me. "More!" I order you - once again you go forward and this time your nose is burried in my groin. I can feel my heart beat pulsing through the tip of my cock as it rests deep in your throat and I know you can feel it too. I pull my cock from your throat as I can't stand too much of this without cumming and I'm still not ready. It is covered now with your thick saliva and I instruct you to lick it all off. When you are done, I bend down and deeply french your mouth. Then I release your hair and slip off the bed to my knees. My arms, shoulders and head above the edge of the bed, I instruct you again, "Time to show me what a little whore you truely are"....I pick up the vibrator , turn it on high and plant the end of it on the bed so its sticking straight up in the air." I want you to squat over this cock and fuck yourself with it until I tell you to stop...but you are not allowed to cum without my permission first"....You look at the vibrator and then at my eyes and then back to the vibrator. I know whats going on in your head, you're fevered pussy is telling you to put something inside it....anything at this point...but you are a bit embarrassed at what it will look like to me. "NOW ! " I demand...You move over the vibrating cock and start to lower yourself to it makes entry I say to you " Thats my good little feels good doesn't it?"....You close your eyes reveling in the sensations and whisper "yeeeeees" as you begin to pump your pussy down its entire length and back up again. "Only my true whore would do such a nasty thing for me...isn't that right?" I say as I watch you start to build. "Yes I told you I am your whore........" Your voice trails off as you get lost in the feelings, I know you are soon going to be flooding my hand with your own cum fluids as you pick up the pace and go the the entire length of the vibrator each stroke. I watch below as you leave a slick trail down the soft jelly-like shaft every time you lift yourself away from it. I also see you stomach muscles starting to ripple and your thigh muscles begin to jerk in are close.......

I reach out my other hand to under your ass and say "STOP!" as I press upwards on your ass cheek to prevent you from coming back down. " Ooooooooooohhhhhhh!" is the fustrated sound from your mouth. "Stop whining you little bitch or you will never get to cum" I snap at you. I raise my hand and it makes you lift off the vibrator just until the tip pops out of your pussy.....Then I aim the tip backwards to your asshole. "Now.....take it in your ass so I can watch and maybe I'll let you cum". You are so desparate at this point that you do not hesitate, you ply pressure downward and as the tip slips inside your ass you gasp. I let you rest there for a second and say "Thats a good girl, now when your muscle relaxes, I want you to take to the whole thing in your ass... do you understand?"...Your eyes are closed because you are concentrating on making the muscle relax, but you nod your head. In only a few seconds you begin to take more. Bit by bit, you take more of the shaft. I can see your tight rim skimming your pussy fluids down the shaft as you make more of it disappear inside you.............

Whew! I'm gettin' warm, how bout you?

rm_saintlianna 45F
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11/4/2005 6:39 pm

hot hot hot

sexyeyes375 47F

11/5/2005 7:34 am

more more more

rm_vixenflir 58M
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11/7/2005 9:50 am

Lianna - you know you inspire to be....

Sexy - cumming, cumming, cumming.......

rm_vixenflir 58M
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11/9/2005 9:26 am

Cutie - always proud to be of service!

vixenslounge 49M/48F

4/18/2006 5:17 am

Hmmmmmm Repunzel and you, would work quite well't you think???.My goodness what a slut you are,no need for an army,to fuck me hard.For you are a knight,with a dagger that plunges,fuck me now,and soak it up like sponges....kisses miss vixen xxxxoooo.

rm_vixenflir 58M
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4/18/2006 9:35 am

Miss V! From one 'Slut Warrior' to another, I salute you and look forward to..............trying to climb the hair? (And yes I will have my prize!)

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