[color blue] In the Dark : part 1[/color]  

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5/20/2006 1:19 pm

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[color blue] In the Dark : part 1[/color]

…..The house was eerily quite and dark as you entered the living room and turned to pull your keys from the front door. Your arms full of grocery sacks, you almost dumped one reaching for the keys, so you decide to bypass the light switch and kicked the door shut from behind as you left it and headed for the kitchen to unload this cargo.
The sun had gone down while you were out and you hadn’t thought about leaving a room light on before you went. You were just glad to be taking the kids over to your parents for the evening so you could at last have an evening alone to break the stress of the monotony you face day after day of child care and feeling that life was passing you by. Your trip to the grocery after dropping them off was almost pleasant because of the peace and quiet…..so pleasant that you felt guilty for even thinking it was ‘nice’ to have alone time. The guilt you feel is part of what makes you who you are, but it prevents you from enjoying all the thrills that life can offer and it is something that I will help you to get over this night…
You bang your arm on the kitchen doorway as you walk forward in the dark, a small “ouch!” escapes those beautiful lips. You tip-toe forward feeling for the counter edge to sit the groceries on and think to yourself “Shit, with the kids gone for the night I should have invited him over……I need to get……well a quiet evening alone with a glass of wine and a bubble bath will be…….shit! I need some cock……I’ll call him.” As you sit the groceries down, the light switch is at the far end of the kitchen and its just as close to go back to the front door and turn on the living room lights ‒ that’s where the phone is anyway, so you turn back into the dark room and walk with your arm stretched out and your hand in front of you searching for the familiar hardness of the front door. As your palm hits it and slides across towards the switches, your eyes are starting to adjust to the dim light filtering through the windows from the street outside, but it still leaves the room in dark shadowy emptiness. A shiver goes up your spine and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as your fingers find the switches……then you hear the words “LEAVE THE LIGHTS OFF!”……
In the split second it takes for your brain to register that it is my voice, a hundred thoughts and images rush through your mind: intruder, , murder, the kids, fight, flight, gun, knife, pain, no escape…..and then the recognition sinks in……its him, how did he know, how did he get in? The recognition comes too late to stop your body’s natural reactions already in full progression towards the possible danger. There was no scream, only a gasp as the fright fully hit you and you jumped, turning in mid air to face the room and its invader. Your pulse had doubled immediately and you can feel the flush of adrenaline as every sense was enhanced to face this unknown danger. You call my name, but the only answer you receive is a harsh “TURN AROUND AND FACE THE DOOR!”
Your heart still pounding, you struggle to make sense of how I got there…….you already know ‘WHY’ I’m there. Then it comes clear in your mind. Earlier in the day when we had spoken on the phone, getting each stirred up and horny as we always do ‒ you had told me about dropping the kids off for the night, but had neglected to invite me over. It hadn’t dawned on you until you were in the kitchen and now it was too late……you knew you would be paying a price that only both of our minds and bodies would be able to understand. How I got in really doesn’t matter at this point.
While you were facing the dark room your eyes strained to find a form in the shadows, but they couldn’t. Now facing the door, you can hear my footsteps as I approach from behind you. Although you know I would never do harm, the intensity of the situation prevents you from being able to calm your breathing and in fact it accelerates as you feel me grab both of your wrists and pull them behind you. Your senses are still running with pin-point accuracy as you feel me bind your wrists behind you with a soft cotton rope and then feel the touch of a cloth blindfold was it is placed across your eyes and tied behind your head. Then I spin your body around to face me, but you still have yet to see this intruder…….its as if I’m there……but I’m not…..and now you are at my every whim.
Finally I speak asking “Are you frightened?” You respond in a quiet tone “No”. As I lead you to the middle of the room I comment “That’s my good girl, but you have displeased me by not inviting me to be here with you when you knew you would be alone”. You open your mouth to explain, but feel the pressure of my finger against your lips to stop you as I continue, “You have not served me, and now you will have to pay for it ‒ do you understand?” You respond only with a nod of your head and faint “yes….”
I lead you to the middle of the room and ask matter-of-factly “Are you horny?” You do not answer so I decide to find out for myself by pulling you roughly into my body and place my hand on your bare leg below the hem of your skirt. I ask again, “Are you wet?”….you answer with a quick, smart-ass tone, “NO!”, only because you know it will bring on the wrath. I immediately thrust my hand up your bare inner thigh and cup your panty covered pussy with it. I feel your body tense up and you throw your head back a bit trying to escape my hold. The material is sopping wet already and the moisture feels so warm to my touch that I know the little scenario I’ve provided has accomplished its goal. I ask once again, “ARE YOU WET?” As you answer in the proper tone “yes Sir”, you can feel my fingers dig under the leg band of your panties and then feel my middle finger as it slides into the slippery furrow between your pussy lips. As I slide the flat of that finger slowly back and forth across the entire length of your pussy, your clit is instantly turned to a small pebble and you involuntarily push your hips forward to increase the pressure on it. I keep this up for a few minutes until I feel the first ripples of your abdomen muscles twitching. When I do, I know you are mine for the evening and I stop all motion, pull my hand back and leave you standing trussed up in the middle of the dark room alone. You know not to move…..
As I take a seat on the couch a few feet away, I ask “does it make you uncomfortable to know I can see everything and you can see nothing”, your response is only “no Sir”. As you hear the scratch of a match being struck and smell a faint odor of sulfur, you know I am lighting a candle or several so that I can watch the proceedings. “Does it embarrass you to know you will soon be exposed to my eyes and you won’t be able to see my reactions?” You sheepishly answer “no Sir”…….
It is then that you feel me near you again and hear my voice softly at your ear, “well let’s just see then shall we.” You can feel me pull your blouse out of the waistline of your skirt and you hear the sound of two metal edges coming together as I use scissors to slice upwards from the bottom of your blouse while I hold the material out with tension. You can feel the tension of the cloth release with each slice and your breathing becomes even harder as I work my way up your front. Once its cut free I push it back over your shoulders where it gets caught behind your back by your bound hands. I stand back and you know I’m watching your chest heave as you struggle to control your breathing. Your beautiful tits still encased in one of my favorite black lace bras, rise and fall with each breath. “Kick off your sandals!” I command. You comply bending down a bit then straighten your back once they’ve gone flying from your feet, ready for my next assault on your privacy.
You do not have to wait long as you hear me state “stand perfectly still now!” At that moment, you feel the cold back side of a scissor blade slide against your chest, between your breasts and up under that pretty lace bra strap. You know what’s coming and you suck in a breath and hold it. I hesitate a moment to build the anticipation and then knowing that with your lungs full of air like that, it will make the bra fly off your full soft orbs ‒ I quickly slice through the material and they spring free as the cups fall to each side. Your breath is expelled in a rapid succession of small bursts. If I didn’t know better I’d say you had an orgasm.


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5/21/2006 11:55 am

I aint tellin......

sexyeyes375 47F

5/22/2006 5:36 pm

nice to see you back, at her front..

rm_vixenflir 58M
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5/25/2006 11:21 am

Saint - you don't even need to tell - It was written knowing you would!

rm_vixenflir 58M
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5/25/2006 11:22 am

Sexy - so glad to see your tastes haven't changed!

vixenslounge 49M/48F

5/27/2006 6:12 pm

Interesting...is this from experience?
Or is this from reality?
Unanswered is what makes your story so intriguing.
I'm looking forward to part2.
Gotta luv you honey.....
My MR Vixen {
Kisses as always...miss vixen xoxo......

vixenslounge 49M/48F

6/15/2006 8:27 am

Hey stranger.....
Are you hiding?
I miss seeing you...
Kisses miss vixen xoxo

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