Patience does earn  

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8/25/2006 6:20 am
Patience does earn

{photo memberID]I am not sure what it earns exactly, but I have learned a thing or too. I have always wanted to do the things that I fantasize about, two men and two women. After one unsuccessful marriage, i was beginning to think i wasn't going to find me someone that i could open up with. But come to find out I did. My husband right now, an over achiever, but a lover if there ever was one, it took us nearly four years to completely open up to each other. Boy when we did, the cards fell heavy. We were afraid the other would get jealous or get upset. Thinking some of the things the other wanted was disgusting. Well come to find out after we finally opened up and talked about it more.. we actually admitted we were turned on by those fantasies the other has. He likes the idea of me being fucked by two men. I love the idea of watching him with another woman, as long as i get my licks in too, of course. There are some other fantasies that just sound so yummy, but we haven't had the complete chance to act them out as of yet. I can't wait, my juices just run when i think of them. MMMMMMM>
well i hate to run but work calls.

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