rm_vipercb 41M
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12/12/2005 3:37 am

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2/2/2007 11:50 pm


So I'm home now and everything is still in motion. I'm told it's my sea legs, I think it's detox (no drinks last two days) It is 3:30am clock radio flashes 6:24 (your thinking big deal but I just came from the east coast which is three hours ahead) Is that fucking odd or what? Don't I look hot or what?

demonicsexkitten 41F
10671 posts
12/12/2005 10:49 am

Welcome back.

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
3902 posts
12/12/2005 5:23 pm

hot yes. long time no blog, missed you! snatch

dawndirtymind 42F
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12/12/2005 7:37 pm

Welcome back! How was the trip?

rm_vipercb 41M
101 posts
12/12/2005 11:56 pm

Thank you ladies glad to be here... The trip my oh my it was a blast, did you have fun in the snow?

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