If I ruled the world. (Part 1)  

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10/12/2005 2:26 am

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If I ruled the world. (Part 1)

(Evil laugh)
Government: No complaints about out of control fires or crime, after they cut funding to the FD & PD.

Advertisements: No child pornography. (diapers commercials with babies nude in the back ground)

Fast food: The food will look like the picture.

Sports: Car races will take place in cities with traffic.

War: No proof of wrong doing no going to war.

Prison: No TV’s.

Movies: Use real bullets.

Reality TV: No host make the contestants guess when it will end.

Sports: NBA; 10 second shot clock.

Government: No cutting programs then approving a raise for you and your staff.

Reality TV: You show the contestants eating deer balls in pig anus, show them puking it back up.

People: If you’re an asshole, pussy, or dick then you will get plastic surgery to look like what you are.

Sports: If taxes are used to build the stadium, then the tickets to get in are free.

Please add if you think I left something out…

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