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11/19/2005 1:33 am

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DO ME (9 of ?)


Ladies the temps are dropping be advised
penises are messy when they thaw out.

As a guy I'm clueless;
I was talking to an attractive woman the other day. It was during work hours so I'm there decked out in yellow rain gear. As I asked questions about this, that, and the other. She asked if I was going now cause she had the space. I said "I don't think I meet the dress code" we both laughed.

Now was she just doing her job and being nice or should I have made a move?

Damn these signals. Why don't women just wave panties in the air or something a little more obvious than winking and rubbing their eye with right pinky finger. (Which means I'm available to have lunch on Thursday of next week)

PS: If it was the left hand it means this week.
I think, maybe, right, could be, maybe, huh, you think.

A radio show the other day said "you are more likely to buy a product that shares letters of your name, or someone you know."

Here I thought I ate COCO PUFFS for their chocolaty goodness

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11/19/2005 5:34 pm

I know exactly how you feel about wondering what's up in the mind of the ladies. I've just decided to assume the best and have no worries of rejection. Hell, if a girl does agree to go on a date with me, I'll still ask out others just to make sure I fill my quota of being turned down at least once daily. I'm thinking that pretty soon I'll wear them down and they'll do it just so I'll shut up.

Products that make me feel at home or seem more personalized is very important to me... I only buy Scott toilet tissue. HeeHee

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