Cum Now or Cum Later?  

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5/25/2005 10:03 pm

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Cum Now or Cum Later?

I am a firm believer that every sexual encounter one has in their life is always a learning experience. I don't believe that someone can know absolutely everything about the world of sex. Of course, some people are better at it than others. But no matter what your "skill" level is, one thing that everyone strives for is a great orgasm. During a recent sex visit to a friend of mine, when I got there, she asked me to cum as soon as I could. I graciously did as she asked, and then after some quick recuperation, we were back at it again. But again, she asked me to cum as quick as I could. It took a bit longer to reach orgasm, but I got there. Another break, and we were at it again. Then, for a third time, she asked me to reach orgasm as fast as I could. Now this was starting to puzzle me. Was she in some kind of hurry? I knew she didn't have anything else going on that night, and we had planned on spending the whole night together. After a bit of extra time, I reached orgasm again. Now this whole time, she was going hog wild on me, and I was going at her as fast as I could. In the span of about 30 minutes, I had three orgasms. And needless to say, I was a bit tired. Expelling that much energy that fast can wear on a person. After the third one, she took me into the kitchen and gave me a drink and a little food. About twenty minutes later, she took me back into the bedroom, and we started having sex again. And to my amazement, that sex lasted almost three hours. And during that time, I did not have a single urge to orgasm, not until the very end. She, on the other hand, lost count of how many she had.

I have usually tried to space out my orgasms as long as possible. There are so many times when I focus more on not cumming, and not on her, which I've never really liked. I want to give her the attention. But letting loose three times in that short amount of time took away every bit of urge I had, and I didn't focus on it once during those next three hours, simply because I didn't have to. It was quite the experience. Now I'm not saying this will work for me again, and I'm not saying that it'll work for everyone. I also don't recommend attacking your partner right out of the gun, especially if she's not loosened up or wet enough. That could get ugly. But this girl prepared herself quite well beforehand, and going that long without a single nerve going haywire was fantastic. So a good test for anyone is to actually find out whether cumming sooner than later works better. I'm going to meet up with her very soon, and I'll have to give that another try. I'm sure she'll be ready!

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