Life is a shit...  

rm_viginguy 36M
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5/15/2006 11:58 pm
Life is a shit...

I am very depressed today. I have lost my erotic story archive. The fucking cd became corrupted, I tried hard too recover the data but…and the worse thing…no backups. I had written erotic stories on all women which I considered “fuckable” but its all gone. Holy shit! As I was coming home, I saw that one of neighbors Mrs.R was in front of me. I looked at her unshaved legs. They surely looked sexy, but I prefer clean shaved legs, armpits and pussy. I just love to see women’s armpits. You may call it perversion or obsession…I don’t know exactly why but I always have a look at a woman’s feet before moving up to the rest of her body. As if their feet reflected what was coming next as I moved my head up. I prefer women with long and clean nails. I just hate dark nail polishes such as red and black. I prefer shiny grey colors…Also a woman’s clothes should be sexy and attractive. I have no objection against mini skirts but a long well designed dress may also look nice. We should always respect women, apart those whom we consider to be bloody bitches [almost all]. By respect I mean we should give her all the affection she needs, caress…I have read that most women complained about their guy moving directly to fuck, they were not caressed. Yeah I understand, but ladies, you should try to understand us also. We do love you but when it comes to sex, we only want to f-u-c-k!

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