rm_viginguy 36M
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5/15/2006 11:57 pm

Last week while shopping in the hypermarket, I came across the condoms well arranged on the shelf. Well, all these brands. I had never used a condom before, I was surely curious about using it but I was also embarrassed of letting the cashier babe pass it through the counter. I made up my mind and put it in my basket. But as I was keeping the articles on the rolling counter, I let the set of three condoms remain in the basket. After thanking the cashier politely, I began to feel a bit stupid. It was just condoms, it was for sale…being a customer I could have bought it. Anyway, it would have been great if I could put on a condom on my dick…I could go to the pharmacy but again it would feel strange to ask for condoms. Shit, life is surely is.

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