Saturday night is alright for fighting  

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8/20/2005 4:24 pm

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Saturday night is alright for fighting

I am back in the Boston area. Actually, I arrived last night. The train is one of the best ways to meet people, and I had some interesting conversations with people in my little table area. Nothing too much to say about the subject, just small talk about trains, politics, and famine.

This morning I had a massage, which was absolutely heavenly. Sometimes I think that a massage is better than sex, sometime I think I am crazy. Then it was off to my chiropractor for an adjustment. My head was not on straight, which could prove to be the cause of my craziness.

Went and did some chores and picked up some fruits and vegatables at the farmers market thinking I was going to make some fresh pasta for dinner. That did not happen. I was just too tired to cook, so I walked over to the local cafe and ordered a small pizza.

Now the rest of the night is upon me. What should I do?

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