Why I LOVE older women. PART 1  

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5/14/2006 7:31 pm

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Why I LOVE older women. PART 1

I really, really love older women.

I guess allot of Men my age and younger feel the same way.

But I'd like to think that my reasons are slightly different than my brethren. Most believe that men my age have a serious Oedipus complex that drives them to search for the ultimate MILF. I don't believe that's my case and have more tangible, specific reasons for our fixation.

Maybe I'm full of CRAP... let me know. Men and women.

1. They know what they want from a man.

- An older woman has been through the most important trials of early adulthood. Maybe it's the experiences of relationships, career, family, or general social experiences that have structured their though processes when it comes to the opposite sex. Now, this could be good or bad depending on what man is dealing with what woman. But most of the time (anecdotal experience) a woman past 30, generally knows what she wants. It's like when a professional athlete is interviewed a few years into their respective career. More often than not they will say that the "Game has slowed down" and that they "See the play developing" unlike when they were a rookie. The same, I think, holds true for women (and maybe men, it did for me).

2. The right kind of energy.

- Ever meet a cheerleader in her 20's? You know the type: Really pretty, enthusiastic and thinks she's interesting because people (men & women) seem to listen to her. When in reality most people listen because of her looks. The world is their oyster and the want to dig it out of the sand, shuck it, clean it, can it, take it to the supermarket, sell it, buy it back, take it home, open the can, eat it and toss the metal container into the recycle bin (I live in NYS and that's what we do with our cans). Then worry about the environmental aspects, and increased hip size from consumption, before she does it all over again. This gives me a freaking headache.

But women in there thirties and forties (mostly later thirties into the forties) just go to the store and buy a can of oysters. Go home and open it, enjoy it and eat it. Then have great sex and go to sleep very happy.

3. Mother nature changing a woman's body over time.

- As a woman matures, so does her body. A little softer, a little shapelier, the female body matures like a fine wine. Even older women who work like a maniac in the gym can't fight off all the comely effects of time. WHY, WHY do women get drastic plastic surgery as they age. They are beautiful as is.

I really have to go but I'll think of more, much more actually.
And if you'd like to add something I've missed so far, please feel free.

-- verygood269

crazygurl2xx 56F

5/28/2006 8:40 pm

Best of luck to you... and from the other side of that older woman/younger man coin I would like to say that my partner makes me very happy indeed! (uh, yes it actually is more than just sex too)

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