My 1st week on AFF  

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5/18/2006 7:47 pm

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My 1st week on AFF

I know this isn't too original, but I like talking to myself so....

I have to say that over the past 2 years I've been tempted to join this site and sites like it. In the past I always lost interest in the idea after a few days. Why now? Not sure... sick of various nonsense situations I've been subject to and maybe I just need something different.

I did however hold some preconceived notions about this site and the people on it. Some were wrong, some were right but ultimately I've been pleased with the experience so far.

**** I need to stop here to leave a quick note*********

(Ahem) To all Gay men that have responded to my profile:
Thank you for the attention, but alas the only penis I'm remotely interested in is my own. No I won't send you any pics and no, you can't turn me. I have many Gay friends that have tried in the past to no avail.

***** Sorry fellas, can't beat a vagina!*****************

Don't get me wrong, Gay attention (attention in general) is flattering. So I thank you, please stop emailing me.

So back to my first week here. At first I thought I'd only find creepy people and be looked at as creepy, but I was wrong. Sure there are some strange folk (but nice) and for the most part the good people out weigh the creepy by a far margin.
POSTING A PIC OF MY CRANK? ..... It's normal, hell every other guy has done it. Still I took it down after a couple of days. I'm much more than just my penis.

The ladies I've meet have been very nice. Apprehensive of a younger man (I can't blame them - but see previous posting on why i like you all) but very nice. Not sure if I'll get a chance to meet any of them in person, but I consider myself a better man for having the various conversations I've already had.

That's it I guess, haven't bothered with much else besides this blathering blog. I'll stick around a little while longer.


sensualgirfriend 58F

6/10/2006 8:58 pm

.....not quite sure why i'm here on this site, either. i have to admit that i've received email from the most bizzare to the very wonderful and insightful. i'm not quite sure what to make of it all. i thought that i would sneek into this site for a few months while i pulled myself together; why did i think that this site would help me with that? what does 'pulling onesself together' mean, anyway!!! i was missing intimacy in my life and until i was ready to get out there in public, so to speak, i could find some wonderful person 'inbetween' times. i'm not even sure today what that means. i waited a very very long time to have sex in real life that this isn't real life. i know that a woman my age should be well experienced by now. not me. i've had some good experiences. i hope to have more good experiences. maybe i have tons of lost time to make up for? i wonder if i should stick around here or just go and live my life and save my FULKERCARB for another activity?

blathering blog? i LOVE alliteration.

honestly....i am grateful that i have found your blathering blog, because it seems as though i have plenty to blather on about. i have considered making my own blog for blathering, but after's nice to share and as long as you don't mind me sharing yours, for now....

i will try not to blather on too much...or...maybe i have already blathered on too much. oh dear.

to all who read this....have a wonderful week.

rm_verygood269 42M

6/10/2006 9:27 pm

Sensual---- Blather away and I couldn't be more lucky to share this blog with you.

If you do ever decide to go... please say good bye before you do... I hope you don't though, I'd would miss your comments and rants about Giant ANTS (THEM!!!!!) very much.

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