Better Sex??  

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2/16/2006 11:15 pm

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Better Sex??

It has been sometime since the last time I have logged on to AdultFriendFinder. Well, the reason being I just came back from a overseas assignment a couple of weeks, was very tied up with work even on weekends!!

Anyway straight to my point, I'm staying off sex for the past 2 months simply because I don't have the time to go out and meet someone. So sex was the only thing on my mind when I was flying back and of course I was like an beast let out captivity that night, sex was fantastic with my partner. But since then, sex was back to normal, nothing particularly exciting. I had my fair share of one night stands, I can't help by thinking sex is really better with strangers or someone you have not met for a long time. I'm not trying to say sex isn't good with my partner, but it's seem to lack the kind of explosive which just simply drive both people crazy, just like animals in the wild..

Is sex really better with stranger??

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