rm_velocifero34 32M
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4/15/2006 2:31 am

B]I think inside the box from the outside, is that wrong i do crazy and stupid things, but i have all the right manors i know when its time to act insane, i know what kind of manors (it's common sense to me i don't know how some guys have girlfriends with there manors) to have around parents and old people there is not a parent or old person out there that doesn't think that I'm the nicest young man out there. They have no idea though I'm fucking your daughter dirty teaching her how to be the baddest fuck out there. I'm just the opposite of what ever one thinks, People talk to me and they think that i have my shit together and that i will be very successful my head is screwed on straight when actually I'm a manic depressive so i tend to fuck up things cause i just want to be happy. So there it is thinking inside the box from the outside.

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