Soldiers Of Fortune  

rm_vapour2004 58M
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5/21/2006 4:10 am
Soldiers Of Fortune

My little sentry woke me up this morning with a cry - "Get up you lazy Bugger"

I threw my shoe at him but luckily he was protected by the helmet of Caversfield, given to him by Sir Vapour of Ambrosden - the knight that now lay in pain from a night of over indulgence.

Make me a cup of tea I ordered "Bollocks" He said
and drove the broken end of the sword into my arse
as I lay unprotected.

The little bugger then poured cold water over my face and when I sprang up to grab his scrawny little butt he put a pillow case over my head and hit me with a knotted towel

I put my shorts on, chased him out of the house and across the field where he made good his escape.

I now lay in wait for when he returns I have a good wet mop at my disposal. He shall not escape my vengeance!!!!

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