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1/9/2006 6:14 pm

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Why the mask?

I've been wondering that. Why should I wear a mask at all? The answer has a lot to do with the fact that I live so close to both sides of my family.

My parents have been divorced since I was five years old, and my mother's family has been primarily in one town, and my dad's in another, just an hour away.

It was so liberating to live away from all of them, without having family looking over my shoulder or anyone reporting to them what I might be doing or who I might be dating. Or fucking.

But now? Well, being married of course limits my options. I do love my husband, I do. I just feel that monogamy isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Not that I'm interested in sleeping with any man or woman I meet... no, not at all.

I'm so very picky about that. Have standards, you know. And isn't it strange? I find that there are many men I find attractive enough to consider sleeping with, but very few women that I feel the same way about.

Maybe I am 90 or 95% straight. I don't know. But men just look so yummy.

As far as women go, I prefer women with meat on their bones. No skinny women, really. No protruding hipbones or concave stomachs. Real women. With curves. Small chest is fine, but they have to have a genuine smile, smile lines, a laugh I love to hear. A nice butt would be nice. I have the same preference in men, too... always prefer people with nice rounded butts. They don't have to be huge or bubble butts, but nice, plump.

I love a woman with pretty eyes. Small chest (which I would love to trade for), and a flare from waist to hips. Round thighs. Calves. Nice hands, not too bony.

Rounded belly. I love small chests and curved bellies... a smiling mouth and a sweep of lashes over happy eyes. And I prefer to be the more dominant one in my relationships with women... Why? I'm not really sure. But isn't it interesting?

With men, I'm much more eclectic in my tastes. First and foremost, I LOVE salt and pepper hair. White is nice, too, but salt and pepper just gets to me. Dark hair. No Blondes (sorry, been badly burned before by a blonde).

Nice legs. I like a man with muscular legs and calves, a nice butt... nice arms and shoulders... a bit of belly is fine, really. Nice smile, nice eyes... should be at least a bit taller than I am... anything over 5'5" or so is good... 5'8" is great; At 6 feet, so much the better.

I like slender men, husky men, muscular men, and men who aren't so muscular... And classic features aren't ever a requirement with me, but a man has to have good smile, a good voice, and nice eyes. And hands. I have a preference for men with good hands. What makes for good hands? Well, long fingers are nice. They show an attention to detail. The shape is important, but it's hard to express what sort of hand shapes are nice in my opinion, in writing.

A good sense of humor. That is always important.

A nice voice. Does NOT have to be like Barry White, whose voice pulses through me, but tenor or lower is good. Certain accents get to me. Cajun is one of them (due to a certain man in my past that I wanted but could never have...). Southern drawls. Some British and some French accents. Spanish does me in, since I understand a lot of it. Being whispered to in passionate, romantic Spanish melts me. Italian would be wonderful, I'll bet... but I only know a bit of it, enough to get by, and enough Spanish to communicate, but the sound of it would most likely stagger me.

English can get to me, as well, don't get me wrong. I don't need an accent to turn me on. I have a fair "midwestern" accentless way of speaking American English... and I'm not too bad on basic Spanish. But a man who has a low voice (not always baritone or bass, but low-pitched) can do me in. Two friends of mine (male) could most likely make piles of money doing phone sex for lusty women.

I have dated long, tall, slender men, short, buff, muscular men, men without an ounce of fat on them, and men with a bit of extra padding; men with lot of padding, and husky men that were built like tanks... I love men in general.

I do like men who write well. That is a true turn-on for me. A man who cannot turn a phrase or spell well, I'm sorry to say, can lose my interest if it's bad enough a failing. I admit it, I'm a snob.

Most of the men I've dated have been into computers and into gaming of one sort or another.

I had a lovely affair with a technical writer some time back... quite lusty and passionate. But a good writer.

Boo, hiss. I can hear it. Sorry, guys, I'm a word snob. Can't help it. Comes with the territory. I teach English. I can barely stand it when I misspell things myself. I'm not the best grammar checker, but I am usually a fair speller, when I'm not exhausted.

Men of intellect turn me on. Hearing a man tell me about his field of study, of endeavor, can just send shivers through me. Intelligence in a man is a great aphrodisiac for me. A man who finds me sexy as well just makes it that much better. Mmm.

I love men. Thinking back, I've rarely been without a man when I truly wanted one.

The funniest thing is that when I was in my late 20's, early 30's (people tell me I don't look older than 25 now, the dears), older Hispanic men would find me almost irresistible, and come on to me. They would be wearing wedding bands, and expecting me not to notice, I suppose.

One gentleman got the most time with me because he happened to own a restaurant I frequented. It was the best Mexican food in town (Houston area, but not the metroplex), and he was the owner. He was handsome, older, a bit portly, and to tell the truth, I most likely would have been more interested if he hadn't been married. But he was, of course. What made me prime "Sancha" material? I truly don't know. Why would I be a good mistress to an older Hispanic male? Besides being Hispanic myself? I'm not sure. There is nothing extraordinary about me.

Normal chest size (wish they were smaller, actually), waist, heavier in hips and thighs... nice calves, nice feet with "bubblegum toes", according to one sexy gentleman I dated.

I really can't tell. I've never felt more than middling pretty, myself, but each person has their tastes...

So, really, I love men. Short, tall, slender, small, husky, beefy, and even a few buff ones. To be truthful, I don't often like bodybuilders. I prefer a more natural build on a man. Not cut, but smoother.

I love the sitcom FRIENDS (yes, I know it's over), and I love all the main men on it. And one of my favorite actors, Ron Liebman, plays Rachel's dad. I still think he's sexy. I don't know anyone else who does, but he got me in "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy", if I'm remembering correctly. Always a supporting actor, but I think he's great.

Well, this post is getting very long, so I will have mercy on my readers and end it here.

Happy New Year, all!

Vanilla Mask

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