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1/9/2006 6:12 pm

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My Kink (overlap of previous post)

Okay, if you are not of age whereever you live to be reading pornographic material, or if you were or molested by family members and had a horrible time of it, please move on.

My kink has to do with incest. Not the actual experience of it, but the roleplaying of it. My preference? Daddy and daughter. I actually truly enjoy adding the element of ageplay, making me (who am more than twice the age of consent) under the age of consent here where I live.

Why, do you ask? I will tell you. I started masturbating at a very early age, and past a certain point, I needed more to get me wet and to climax than just rubbing myself, or putting a vibrator down there. I started needing to add my imagination, to think outside the box (no pun intended), and start visualizing something actually happening to me.

As it happened, I began needing this sort of visualization even before I actually lost my physical virginity. I didn't so much need it in person, but definitely in masturbation sessions. Perhaps my proclivity for pleasuring myself also had an effect on my sex life: I've been notoriously "hard to please" for men (and boys, when I was a teen) who, let's face it, did not know what they were doing. The sad thing is, that some of these men SHOULD have known, after a certain age or experience level, but what can I say? Most men don't seem to take pride in their "work" in the bedroom. Women, can I get a witness here?

Of the men I met who were frustrated with how long it took me to cum for them without me aiding them by touching myself, only a couple took it as a personal challenge, and set out to find a way to make it happen. ONLY TWO! And I should really not tell you how many partners I've had. More than two. WAAAAY more than two. Discounting one-night stands? At least 20. That's a nice enough figure. I'll stick with that.

One guy had me cumming without aid of fingers and really, without trying, but I was a bit thinner, then, and I was astride him in the back seat of my car. He had a cock that was a good length, and I did think it was hitting a good spot, but perhaps it was because the position allowed me to grind my clit against his pubic bone very well. Mmmm... Maybe I shouldn't mention that it freaked me out? I mean, this guy turned out to do what so many couldn't (probably just the positioning, in retrospect), and I didn't like him having that much power over me. I wasn't interested in dating him long-term, so I dumped him. Poor guy. But then, I barely met his family and they were already trying to fob off his sister's wedding dress on me for "our" wedding....

One of the two who took it to heart and decided to make me cum figured out to go down on me first, bring me to a rousing orgasm that way, before actually climbing on top of me. Now he was a smart man. That was some of the best sex I'd ever had. Too bad we weren't compatible on all the rest.

The other learned to finger me to orgasm, but never actually mastered getting me to cum without my helping in any other way. But it was a start.

Now, this is a start. This is where the things have begun to hit on what I actually believe.

Should a girl ALWAYS have to finger herself to a cum, even WHILE having sex with a virile man? I ask you. Is that fair???

I don't think it's fair, but it is my life to date.

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1/9/2006 6:46 pm

No, it is not fair at all, and it is unfortunate that your 20 lovers were typical males...or at least not schooled in the art of orgasms. But then again, that is an acquired skill that took me many lovers and years of practice to polish. Now as a mature gentleman one of my early goals in any relationship is to have my lover experience several orgams before I ever consider my own desires. Actually, you are correct, it does give a male some power over you with an ability ot develop those tingles in your toes.

You are also correct that a lover would consider you a "challenge" if he had any idea of your orgasm patterns. I know I did when I had my two year long affair with Gwen. She was the most difficult lover to orgasm and always reached for her clit, sometimes to quickly for me. I developed several different ways to bring her to mind shattering orgasms. Fruite, chocolates, whipped creame, but bye far the most effective method was a game we developed together called, "Soft Touch." The game needs plenty of time to develop so it can not be used for a quickie. You start with your lover and you fully dressed and each of you take turns touching only a small portion of your lover for two minutes. Touching as soft as possible. Starting with the hands, the forearms, of course the face, the nose, the ears, neck. You take turns touching softly for two minutes and you can not touch the same place twice...soooo when you run out of bare spots you start to remove clothing, but...a catch, you can only use one hand and your teeth to remove the clothes. Bye the time we got down to our "unmentionables" we were both so excited and turned on. Often when I reached Gwen's panties to play my turn she was totally soaked and ready, and I had not even touched her clit. Often our games took two or three hours sitting in front of a warm fireplace and sharing a bottle of vino or two.

So some advice or comments are warrented????

Choose an older gentleman as a lover?

Ask him how he would make love to you?

Ask him if he has ever played "Soft Touch or would he?

Never rush making love, quickies are fun for the guy, but do NOTHING for his lover in my experience.

And as for the role play of incest. That is an incredible turn on. Daddy loves to give his little girl a bath, brush her hair, do her nails and maybe show her want feels good? Again take your time. And try a lovely motel or B&B for your Daddy/little girl tryst

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