Prolog vs. Much Ado about Nothing  

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11/17/2005 8:30 am

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Prolog vs. Much Ado about Nothing

So my Dears,

My life in Tokyo started over five years ago with a short visit to my Japanese girfriend I lived together in Europe.

That was the main reason to make my first trip to Japan. To get her again, again and again...
We were in love, BUT both of us had an idea how and where to continue the life, and it wasn't the same.

So, the big love got a long, burning, harmful end in a half year. I went home and she stood here.

After for years I'm here again, because I love Japan, the culture, the people and the nigiyakana life of Tokyo.
Shortly I went also to Nagoya several times, wich is a good place to relax and to have fun, but couldn't be the same as Tokyo. (Even the nightlife is more open, than here in my opinion.)

Maybe this is the main problem with Tokyo. The peole are too closed. Always holding the "one step distance".

In the last 6 months I didn't got a "normal" contact. I'm not a playboy, don't like the just-one-night stories. But I'm also not a man to talk hours and days about the colours of the flowers in the gardens. (I'm a sensitive, but mainly not talkative personality)
As I think a touch, a kiss or just seeing something together could be as - or more - good as just talk about.
No, I'm not dumb! I can also speak long-long...

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