How much help can you give a person?  

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10/14/2005 8:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How much help can you give a person?

Quite an annoying thought when someone needs your help but are simply too lazy to tell you what exactly they want you to help. Sounds confusing? Yup! That's what I thought at first when I got the job assignment to cover another persons duties when they r on leave or outstation. Come on! At least the person should have the courtesy to say what they need you to assist in rather than keep the person in the dark and when I asked them what exactly do they need, they say, I am too busy or they cant exactly say. Huh??? I think they r simply too lazy to even ask and expect people who are helping them to read their minds. Hello! I am helping you, NOT DOING YOUR WORK! So hello and wake up! You dont get a free ride here.

I guess its the same in other things in life. Like I saw someone who said they r so busy in life. But hello! stop for 5 mins and ask why! that's because you r beating round the bush and you fail to see the big picture. Some people r just borne to do redundant work. So much for efficieny! As some of you may see, I am pretty straight forward kind of person and I would not hold back in my comments esp, when they step on my turf.

Well, enough abt work. Something nice, talked to someone nice today. Hey! Hey! Some relieve from the cruelty of a professional career life. Of course, talked dirty and had a pretty good web cam conversation as well. Unlike the bad experience that I have got yesterday. I think she is a stupid girl. (AND IF YOU R THAT GIRL WHO HAPPENS TO SEE THIS BLOG. LET ME SAY THIS. YES, YOU R THAT STUPID AND RUDE GIRL AND BUZZ OFF MY BLOG). hmm! Good! Feel so satisfied. Now for some more excitement tonight. It's TGIF.

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