Dirty Old Man Fantasy?  

rm_uzipop 65M
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3/4/2005 12:44 pm

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5/12/2007 10:29 am

Dirty Old Man Fantasy?

I am just wondering how many young ladies had or have a fantasy of the dirty old man next door. the one your mom warned you about.

would i be able to talk you into doing some fashion modeling? or bikini?

what if i suggested doing some lingerie photos?

wouild i be able to talk you into some lingerie bondage photos?

tell me what would happen next?

rm_redsarong 55F

5/17/2006 1:27 am

Darling, you are my dream "dirty old man" come true.

Also, it appears we have the same personality type. Do you know how rare we are? This site states 3% of the population -- in fact, it's more like 1%.

Nice to "meet" you, fellow traveller.


rm_redsarong 55F

5/17/2006 1:30 am

ps: please tell me what happens next... (perhaps you would like to read my blog before you answer that)

rm_uzipop 65M

8/5/2006 11:06 pm

i didn't even know my blog was still active but i am glad i checked. yes i am the dirty old man you mother warned you about.

i do find young ladies with a daddy/uncle fantasies. such a delight to find young nubile body wanting to do the naughtiest thing they can ever imagine. letting a dirty old man have his way with her.

the lingerie bondage would of course get very naughty. you helpless and in seductive lingerie. what is an old man to do? i would use a vibrator on your pussy until i see your panties are soaked with your girl cum. well, hell. a few of my guy friends show up just then. i think little lady will be gang banged and ooze and drool with the sperm of many men.

is your pussy bare? do you drip honey?


ilovelatex808 35F

9/23/2006 2:28 am

Dear Mr. Uzipop,
I have a confession to make...Last night, after my parents fell asleep, I sneaked into the study to use thier computor. I watched your video of you playing with your penis. And well, this is kinda embarrasing, but....my panties got wet. And then I started touching myself. It fealt really good.
Kimmy, from the cheering squad says that girls our age should only see boys our age. I mean, you are more than twice my age! You're even older than my daddy...But I keep watching that video. Does that make me bad?
I've never worn lingerie before, well I am actually a virgin. I frenched Tommy at the prom last week, and we hit third base. But then I left because I got too nervous. Maybe you can help me? You sure sound really smart and like you know what's best. As long as I get home before curfew. Thanks Mr Uzipop.

rm_shav84U 61M

9/27/2006 12:53 pm

Hey UZI let me know when the get together happens for the photo shoot...would be interested in watching and participating in some nice hot shaved pussy and horny ass to be had..........
ps be careful of that young girl.....dammmm every older mans dream??
be careful what we wish for hahahahahahhaha... have a great weekend

kuriousnkamuela 46M/40F
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5/7/2007 12:01 am

i'm the young innocent girl, oh some bondage well i don't knw do u think i could pull it off? well maybe, i guess icould oh don't take a pic, i could smile a little, mmmmmmm i like this, what else should we do?

rm_uzipop replies on 5/12/2007 10:55 am:
oh my, you are a young thing. didn't your momma warn you about talking to dirty old men?

i'll dress you in some sheer sexy lingierie. and yes, some soft bondage would be fun.

and i promise young lady, i won't take photos...... but you have to wear a blind fold on occasion. hehe. won't that be fun?

what we'll do is the game. you are a helpless young woman and at the whim of a dirty old man. you will be touched, rubbed, vibrated, licked and have a few cum showers. i want to see if i can make you drip honey and get your sheer panties wet and gooey. a souvenir for my collection.

we'll need a sheer bra, sheer panty and stay up lacy top thigh highs. mabye a baby doll nighty too. all in sheer black or sheer pink. i'll arrange them, tell me what size.

oh dear, you have made me pitch a throbbing tent in my yoked dirty old man boxer shorts.

if you like, i got a nice place to play, infinity cool pool, hot tub. http://AdultFriendFinder.com You and your husband can have your own suite if you stay the night. we have no neighbors so we can play outside at the pool.

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