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rm_utogkaayow 43M
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6/27/2005 12:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

my cabs

i met my cabs naughtysexy25 thru AdultFriendFinder last May 2005. she's a very cute, sexy, witty, liberated and independent girl. i liked her from the very first time i saw her picture and her looks on webcam. we started to chat. from the very start it was clear that our sexual preferences were highly compatible. she liked receiving oral a lot and i liked giving oral as if there was no more tomorrow! lol! so in short, we both "clicked" sexually.

we met for the first time just for a friendly personal chat to see if we both really liked each other enough to have fun the next time we see each other. i was tempted to ask her out for sex even during that first meeting! hehehe! sorry cabs, you know how horny you made me! good thing i was able to control myself that time! lol! anyway, after several more follow-up chats, we had basically discovered enough about our favorite sexual preferences that we suddenly got so horny we had to see each other that same day! lol!

so here goes the 10 things i love when eating my cabs pussy! hehehe!

1) sweetest pussy juice i have ever tasted!
2) overflowing pussy juices! mmmm love drinking all of it till the last drop too!
3) best smelling pussy i have ever kissed!
4) baby smooth, tender, silky pussy lips especially when swollen with lust and wet with desire!
5) the way she shakes, quivers whenever she cums in my mouth as i'm sucking on her swollen throbbing clit!
6) her throbbing/pulsating clit as i suck on it in between my lips and vibrate/flick/twirl my tongue on it till she explodes in my mouth!
7) her amazing stamina as i can suck on her clit for several hours straight/non-stop and she just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming and cumming ... she can beat the energizer battery anytime! lol! she came more than 20x (i think she lost count after the 20th time, right cabs?) the last time we made love for 2 days straight!
8.) her sensitive g-spot when i tongue-fuck, finger-fuck and suck on her clit all at the same time! makes her cum even faster than me most of the time! lol!
9) her wonderful pussy muscles drawing in my tongue even deeper whenever i tonguefuck her to orgasm!
10) the wonderful view of cabs facial expressions as i look up from down under while eating her pussy so erotically framed between her luscious breasts with rock hard, erect nipples especially when she cums in my mouth! makes me so hot i also cum with her sometimes! mmmm!

rm_utogkaayow 43M

7/3/2005 7:26 pm

thanks sara ... yeah we sure are ideal for each other ... too bad we both already have "prior commitments/previous engagements" ... we're sure we would have been a really hot couple and have a really great lifetime relationship if we had only met sooner! ... at least we're both really happy we still have a "special relationship" hehehe! mmmmmm we're sooo naughty, right cabs?

discreet_gaysha 46M
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7/4/2005 12:10 am

bakit ngayon ka lg????! i also have experiences that makes that song true!

rm_utogkaayow 43M

7/4/2005 11:59 pm

"we had the right love at the wrong time?" LOL! ... yeah we both wished we didn't have any existing commitments ... we just make the best of what we have now, that's why we're both here in AdultFriendFinder ... hehehe!


7/6/2005 12:36 am

oh yeah? so decided to have an affair with her after our first sex? or maybe missing anyone? hahaha. oooppps sorry don't want to invade your privacy.

rm_utogkaayow 43M

7/6/2005 6:11 pm

naughty, LOL! i wonder who i was missing! hahaha! i sure missed you a lot after the first time we made love! that's why i was soooo hot for you the next time we met! i saved all my loving for you!


8/24/2005 9:47 pm

cabs! still patient there? guess more than a month na since we last met pa, hehehe. Miss u more and more...

rm_utogkaayow 43M

8/25/2005 6:37 pm

hehe yes cabs! can hardly wait to see you on saturday and make love! mmmmm! hehehe!


8/31/2005 9:30 pm

oh God! Hope di ma postponed, hehehe. joke lang..... miss to see your hairy, sexy body.

rm_utogkaayow 43M

8/31/2005 11:46 pm

hehehe we'll see each other tonight cabs! mmmm i can hardly wait! i'm getting a hard-on just anticipating the surprise you have in store for me again tonight! lol!

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