The Best Birthday Present On Record  

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6/3/2006 7:12 pm

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The Best Birthday Present On Record

i had one hell of an experience the day before my birthday. i ended up hooking up with a couple of gay guys at their house. they were both approximately the same age... about late 30s maybe into their 40s. They both were very fit with moustaches and good looking. i had bought a rubber cockring earlier that day and had put it on before going to their house. I was shaved, trimmed and freshly showered. Anyway, I came inside their house and they offered me some wine to which I politely declined but accepted some water for my parched mouth... I was a little nervous. I hadn't been with even one guy for a few years and was quite open about it. They were fine with that. I nervously sipped my water as we moved to their bedroom. Casually, they started getting naked and I have to admit I was slightly hesitant about taking off my clothes as non-chalantly as they did. I was obviously a little rusty. I talked to them about my cockring and whether or not it was too small or too big. Gary got to his knees in front of my limp cock and slightly adjusted it a bit commenting that it was about right. Randy pressed his body against mine and looked down at my cock as Gary took it into his mouth and began sucking on it, trying to get it hard. I moaned and grabbed Randy's soft ass. He rubbed my chest while I caressed his ass and back. We kissed for a while standing up and Gary worked my cock into a stiff position with is soft, wet mouth. I ran my fingers through Gary's hair while he slurped his saliva over my hard shaft. It felt good... REALLY good.

Gary then suggested that we move to the bed, so I laid down on the bed and Gary resumed sucking my rigid dick like a professional. Randy positioned his cock near my face as I laid on my back. His cock was about the same size as mine and I eagerly spread my lips across the tip and as far down the shaft as I could. I was quite distracted by the blowjob I was getting but I still set about my task of sucking Randy's cock as well as I could. I can remember the clean taste of his cock, slightly salty and aromatic. He was almost completely shaved and his body was hairless. I craned my neck to the left and worked to slide his cock past my lips in and out while my hands alternated between caressing his ass and playing with his balls or grasping around the base of his cock. Every now and then, I would suck on his balls a little and lick his shaft. I really wanted to please him and with the sensation of having my cock sucked at the same time, I completely lost myself in the sucking of Randy's dick.

I don't know how much time had passed by this point but Randy wanted to have a turn sucking my dick. He took Gary's place at the end of the bed and Gary moved to my right with his considerably larger cock hanging in my face. Gary had a large piercing in the tip of his cock and I must have looked a little daunted by it because he offered to take it out. I joked that I hadn't sucked cock in a while and the piercing might be a little too much of a challenge right now. So he removed the piercing and I greedily shoved his large dick in my mouth and sucked it a while. Randy began sucking my cock and I again lost myself in the sucking of dick while having mine sucked. Gary's was larger than Randy's so it was a bit of a challenge. Randy shifted my hips slightly and began rimming my freshly shaved asshole. His tongue probed my ass and his moustache tickled the skin below my balls. i couldn't believe how good it felt. I moaned loudly with Gary's massive prick straining against my lips as he slowly began to pump my mouth.

After Randy had spent a considerable amount of time probing my ass with his tongue, he asked if I wanted to get fucked. I plucked Gary's thick meat from between my lips and breathed out a "yeah, i want to get fucked." Gary interjected that he wanted a taste of my ass before Randy fucked me so they resumed their previous positions with Gary licking and kissing and pushing his tongue against my asshole. Randy repositioned himself on my left and I sucked his semi rigid cock back to a full erection. Randy's hand came to rest on my head and his fingers ran through my hair as my saliva coated his prick. I moaned and groaned as Gary teased my hole with his mouth. I was completely lost in pleasure. Gary looked down at me and asked if I wanted to get fucked now. I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth and hummed "uh huh" as I kept sucking. He leaned over and pulled out a condom from the bedside table and I pulled his cock out of my mouth.

Gary retook his place on my right side with his meaty cock dangling in my face. I began licking and slurping on it as Randy placed a condom on his cock. He then rubbed some lube across his dick before rubbing some of the cool lube across my asshole. I still laid on my back with these two studs alternating positions of how they wanted to have me. I wasn't all that experienced so I let these guys do whatever they wanted with and to me. I had loved every second up to this point. Randy pushed my legs into the air and knelt down on the bed with my ass exposed before him. I still had Gary's schlong in my mouth when Randy began to press his cock against my puckered asshole. At first I got a shooting pain tear straight up my insides when Randy poked through slightly. I pressed my hand against his abdomen indicating him to stop, all the while Gary's dick was still in my mouth.

Randy waited a bit, I have to admit... the guy was extremely patient for me to give him the go ahead to proceed a little further. And while he waited, he rubbed my abdomen and legs to try and relax me a little. The first onset of pain has started to subside and I gave him a signal that he could push a little more. He went slow and I got another shooting pain into my guts to which I gave him another signal to stop by pressing on his abdomen. Gary's cock was again still in my mouth while Gary commented on how tight I was. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said that it had been a long time since I'd got fucked. I then put his dick back in my mouth and slowly fucked his cock with my face, taking my time.

I signalled Randy again when the pain went away and he slowly began to pump me still very shallow. It started to feel good... really good. Randy started to really get going and then quickly thrust deeply into me, a little too deep as it turned out because I got a shooting pain which signalled a deep groan from me whick blowing Gary. Randy apologized and went a little more shallow again until I was fully warmed up. That didn't take long. Pretty soon, Randy was working up a sweat pounding his dick in and out of my ass and I was moaning and groaning while my lips strained against Gary's cock as he fucked my face. Gary held my head as he pumped in and out of my mouth until he said, "I've got a load for you, Jeff, if you want it." I quickly considered getting him to shoot it across my chest but decided against it figuring it to be too messy and I really wanted to just swallow his hot load.

I quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth and barely breathed out, "Give it to me" and then started vigorously sucking his cock again with my hand carressing his soft hairless ass. I really wanted his cum. At this point, I was hungry for it. And quite suddenly, his dick got stiff and he groaned loudly as he pumped a thick, stickly load of hot cum into the back of my throat. I was quite amazed at how much continued to come out and how hard it was to swallow. I mean, it was thick. I was loving every second of it, but because this was my first time swallowing another man's jizz, I'm sure my face looked like I was feeling otherwise as I tried not to choke.

Once he was done, he pulled his semi hard dick out of my mouth and I swallowed the rest of his cum. He complimented me on my talent at getting him to cum and said that he always seems to cum quicker when he's watching Randy fuck someone. Meanwhile, Randy continued to work up a sweat and plow my ass with his cock causing me to moan uncontrollably at his mercy. With no cock in my mouth to keep me quiet, I let go. I chanted 'fuck me fuck me' with one word falling on each stroke of Randy's cock into my awaiting ass. Soon after Gary, Randy threw his head back and forced his cock deeply into me and began to cum hard. I can remember feeling the warmth of his cum gathering inside the condom through my ass. He pressed himself against me hard with his very, very stiff dick plunged as deeply inside me as possible.

With his orgasm slowly subsiding, he pulled his cock out of me and sighed deeply. My mind was officially gone. I was speechless. Upon regaining my composure, I confessed that I'd never been fucked like that before... and I hadn't. After the thorough fucking that Randy had given me, my cock was completely limp. Gary tried to revive it by sucking it slowly and nibbling it with his teeth protected by his lips but to no avail. By this point, Mel was calling my cell phone while I laid naked in bed with two men having just had both of my orifices plundered. I didn't get to cum, although if I'd had the time I'm sure Gary would have tried to get me there.

We quickly got dressed and chatted a bit. Gary offered me some mouthwash, concerned that his cum tasted bad and that I needed to get rid of the aftertaste. The truth was that it wasn't nasty at all but I used the mouthwash anyway. Gary said that next time he wanted to get a piece of me. I wasn't sure whether he meant that he wanted my ass or my cock or both but either way, I agreed. It was one of the best experiences of my life and these guys were far more sensitive and considerate than any of the bi guys I've been with in the past. I'd love to get with these guys again.

bcvegas4u2 69M
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6/3/2006 10:01 pm

Loved the story. Wish that had been me. I would have loved to be sandwiched between those two cocks & have them take turns fucking my ass.

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