My Best Friend's Sister  

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6/3/2006 7:10 pm
My Best Friend's Sister

My best friend, S, and I had decided to head to the bar to meet his older sister, L, who was from out of town. She was about 5 years older than me and I hadn't seen her in quite a while, since S and I were in college together. so I was rather surprised when I saw her. She was generally a rather large girl, but there was something about her outspoken and worldly sexuality that really turned me on, no matter what she looked like. Besides that fact, I've always been one who took more interest in someone's attitudes towards sex and their own sexuality than their physical appearance. However, upon seeing her, I quickly realized that she'd lost a bunch of weight. She was still on the larger side, but the contrast was immediately noticable.

Within minutes of the start of our conversation, it was apparent that she was still the same girl, naughty as ever.

I was blown away by her appearance, and kept telling her how good she looked. L seemed to take it all in stride, graciously thanking me every time.

The three of us played pool and S, in typical fashion, got himself incredibly drunk. I think he may have been too drunk to notice the flirting that was going on between L and I.

Inevitably, it got to the point where S needed to be taken from the bar because he was too drunk. In separate vehicles, we escorted S to his apartment. He's a pretty big guy, so it took both of us to get him home and in bed. We left his apartment and upon getting to the street started talking again. It was still early, so I suggested that we could both head back to my place for some pizza, since she was out of town and not really having a place to go except other to her drunk brother's apartment. She agreed and followed me in her car to my apartment.

We both went upstairs, ordered pizza and talked until the pizza arrived. The flirting was still quite hot and heavy. We finished eating and while sitting on the couch, we both started to kiss. I can remember her mouth being very soft and supple, each movement suggesting a woman who is an expert at using her mouth. We awkwardly stood up and began to move down the hallway to the bedroom, while still embraced in a kiss. We entered the doorway and found our way to the bed, flopping down on it as soon as it made contact with our legs. We continued to kiss as I began to grind my hard on into her, with her grinding her pussy against me. Our breathing became heavier and heavier in between moans. I let my hands wander, sliding them down her pants into her underwear. I began sucking on her ear lobe while my fingers danced across her clit and stroked the inside of her pussy. Her moans grew deeper and I pulled away to take off her pants.

I've always been one to enjoy the giving of oral sex, so I began sucking on her clit; teasing it with my tongue. She could only handle it for a couple of minutes before pulling me off her. She told me that she was really sensitive and also had control issues with letting someone go down on her.

I said it was fine and we continued to grind and kiss. L indicated that she wanted my shirt off, so I quickly stripped it off, revealling my slim torso to her. She reached down and undid my jeans, reaching her hand inside. She began to stroke my cock with her left hand and the pleasure of her soft hands had me gulping for air.

She quickly flipped me over onto my back and pulled my pants off me. My hard dick was fully exposed to the night and she quickly gobbled it up. Her mouth was accommodating and she sucked and licked it with an eagerness and talent that put this blowjob near the top of my all-time best list.

I began to feel an orgasm come on and she took my cock out of her mouth and placed it in between her ample tits, allowing me to tit fuck her til I reached my climax.

I shot off onto my stomach and chest while looking at the head of my cock disappear and reappear between her breasts.

After I regained my senses, I cleaned myself up and we talked for a little while before going to sleep. The next morning, we kissed briefly and agreed that her brother, my best friend, didn't need to know about this. She left later and it would be several years before I would see her again. Our night together didn't come up, despite the fact that I'm sure we both thought about it. And to this day, I haven't told S about the night his sister blew me.

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