I Need A Woman... I Mean A Man... Ok, Maybe Both  

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6/16/2006 9:25 pm

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I Need A Woman... I Mean A Man... Ok, Maybe Both

Throughout my life I've tried to be as sexually experimental and open as I possibly could be. I've kept a pretty open mind to different ideas and ways in which to pleasure ones self as well as others.

As I began to mature into the sexual being I am today, I realized something within myself. I was unsure as to how far my interests lied, but I found myself bicurious. It was more about my own body and interactions with myself that I, at the time, viewed as taboo.

I eventually got a computer which opened my eyes to the world of bisexuality. I had many conversations and read many articles on the internet with regards to anything gay or bi. I learned a lot about it and how I felt about it.

I would inevitably have a few encounters with some men that cemented my understanding of myself as a bisexual man. I find women irresistable, but also like to indulge in the cock sometimes.

Well, along that road of discovery I found something that I found to be more taboo than bisexuality. That is the world of shemales. And maybe I'm using the wrong terminology here. Shemale, transsexual, T-girl, ladyboy... I don't know the differences or even if there are differences. But the whole idea turns me on like nobody's business.

Where I live, these types of people are mighty hard to come by. So I've thought of trying to hook up with a woman who'd wear a strap-on and get really nasty as a substitute. But I've also found that women like that aren't as prevalent either. Then there's the transvestites/crossdressers. But I'm kind of leery about hooking up with one. Mainly because finding one that's passable can be difficult.

Why passable? Well, I like my men to be men, my women to be women and, sometimes, I like my women to be men. Generally, I don't like my men to be women. If you understand that... congratulations. If you didn't, don't worry... it's complex.

But this whole idea of hooking up with a chick with a dick is turning me on... I'm gonna go jerk off now.

rm_girl_or_boy 41M
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6/28/2006 1:22 pm

naughty boy ! I'd love to show you my little secret up my skirt !

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