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7/29/2005 1:38 pm

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Where was I? Oh yes.
The next guy I met I'm still fucking so I shant tell about that. At least not just yet anyhow, but take it as being a success.
Bloke number 4 ( I think)was a rather reserved kind of person. We chatted for ages before getting together. So one afternoon he comes round and right off let me tell you he's no johnny depp but I've seen worse. I'm not long out the shower so I offer him a leg to moisturise. I'm not quite sure how but we start to get undressed, as is the way of these things. And he is softly kissing every inch of me. It feels incredible. I love being touched so this really turns me on. Its so gentle the only way to describe it is making love, now there's a phrase I rarely use. He is so shy its rather cute. By this time I'm very horny and wet. He pops his head up and says very politely "may I give you oral?" I look up, kinda confused. Is this a trick question? Am I actually supposed to answer this? Looking down I meet his expectant gaze. He does appear to require an answer even though my pussy is so wet a bus could slide up it quite easily. I gasp out yes and he obediently starts sucking my clit, (without needing directions either very promising). He then slips a finger inside me. it progresses and he is quite good, hitting the g-spot and all. then he parts my legs and penetrates me. I usually love this bit but its so gentle I'm not actually sure its happening at all. Don't get me wrong making lurve has its place but right now i need to be fucked. Softly he slides into me. After some tentative thrusts i decide to take control. I roll on top and ride him whilst rubbing my clit. i cum quickly, (well I am perpetually horny) and then screw him till he's done.
He is not a bad fuck but i have never been asked for permission before it kind of throws you. Seriously though, I have never before been asked if its ok to do whatever to me and it really puts you off your stride.

rm_Simonkey1690 45M

8/17/2005 3:19 pm

Sounds like a great and sensual time up to a point - when he should have taken control and simply let you enjoy the ride to your first orgasm before really fucking you so hard that you are almost begging to stop - of coarse you wouldn't and you simply get to have another orgasm before th big pull out with cum squirting all over your tits ... now that sounds more like it!

I like you detailed and honest writing - you obviously are very horny!

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