The first man!  

rm_upfourgrabs 36F
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7/17/2005 12:16 pm

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9/29/2006 1:10 pm

The first man!

You'd think that first time would put me off, but I'm nothing if not tenacious (or a bit daft depending on your point of view). Soon enough another bloke stood out from the crowd. After a few chats we meet in a pub. We get on and he's not bad looking. Chat a bit more. Now I'm getting to know about his sexual proclivities. Frankly I think he has aspirations to be a porn director and brothel owner, but hey that's just my opinion.
I invite him round one evening. I'm a little nervous so have a couple of drinks. We chat for a while. Then there's stroking, touching and kissing. Nothing special there, but lets not judge a book and all that. Slowly the clothes come off. His eyes nearly pop out there sockets when he sees my breasts. Big, soft breasts with rosebud nipples. I know he's a breast man and I'm somewhat surprised he didn't cum in his pants (he did seem a little frustrated though). He grabs them and starts groping. Honestly i felt like a stressball be wrung about but soon he's sucking on my nipples like a baby.
By this time I'm pretty wet, (I live in a permenant state of semi arousal so this isn't unusual). He heads south feeling his way. He runs his fingers all over my labia, clit and occasionally pokes my pussy. I think he must be lost but refrain from offering him a map. Men don't seem to like any implication they need directions (of any sort). His head goes down and he starts lapping at me like a dog. I'm open to new techniques but this really wasn't working. He hit my clit every now and then but come on, us girls need a bit more than that. Not being one to give up I take matters into my own hands hoping a little demonstration would be educational. With one hand I part the labia and start massaging my clit with my fingers. Gently rubbing it and squeezing it between a finger and thumb. I slip my other hand down to my pussy and slowly start to ease my fingers inside me. First one then two. Pushing them deeper till I hit the G-spot where I linger to massage and probe. He watches in fascination, his cock hard and ready. I reach out to take hold of his cock. Sliding my hand up and down, running my fingers around the head and tracing his cum hole with a nail whilst tweaking my nipples with the other hand. He wants to fuck me now and boy do I need it, my pussy is throbbing. He slips a condom on and starts to penetrate me. He's not Lexington Steele but there's enough for satisfaction and that first thrust feels good no matter what. Uh oh. A couple of thrusts later things start to go south. Literally! He can't keep it up. Now I know condoms are a passion killer but really! I offer up my tits as I know he loves them and thats all that keeps him hard. He jerks off onto them and collapses knackered. I smile and nod. That was nice I say ever concious of what a fragile thing the male ego is. No apology or offer to assist me and I'm feeling rather dissatisfied. He leaves soon after and I'm more frustrated then when the night started so go to myself with a single-mindedness borne of utter desperation. God I needed that.
I know first "dates" can be awkward and since I did see some potential there I offer up another opportunity for some serious fucking. He messes around, agrees, cancels, excuses. I've had enough. If you just ain't into me say it and we can all stop wasting time. I don't play games with you, you know why I'm here so please give me the same honesty in return.
Question: Why can't people just admit it when they don't connect?

Freswhmac111 46M
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7/17/2005 1:30 pm

Look I'm looking for some serious fucking. U will not be dissapointed. Look at my Bio. All true!!

rm_greg18122 47M/40F

7/19/2005 7:20 am

Sorry to hear you are not having much luck in your quest for great sex.

Those two guys sound like complete tossers, the second one especially.

He should have at least wanked you off after he had cum.

If I cum first I always wank Sarah off as its great just to watch her wriggling about at the touch of my fingers.

Good luck with finding someone decent in bed.

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