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11/13/2005 8:19 pm

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So here we are in Pendleton, bored as most here. we do have a lot of friends but, having 6 kids, no women we have met up with for adult fun. My wife is a bit Bi curious and we are looking for someone to hook up with on an occasional basis.

I know is not really fair for who our prospective girlfriend is because we are so busy with life she would be neglected except every week/couple weeks when we are avaliable. We have not paid the $$ to the host here either and contacting someone who may be interested is not so easy.

That and a bad of good weed would be nice once in a while. I had a friend who I gave some $$ for a bag and he came back with a story. I would not worry so much about it so much but this is a close friend I have had for many years. I hate getting ripped off. I dunno mabey I should just let it drop but my wife keeps reminding me of it as well. I think I need a new connection. I should not give friends $$ eventually I will lose one or the other.

just a bit bummed

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6/22/2008 9:58 pm

That is something about friends, some you can trust with your life, your money, or anything that you hold dear. Other friends you can't trust with a few dollars. I am sorry about you not being able to find a woman to spend some time with. If I come across someone who might fit the bill, I will let you know.

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