ThirdeyeOrgasm writen by unut2... Come with me...  

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8/31/2005 12:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ThirdeyeOrgasm writen by unut2... Come with me...

I wanna go back to the wild with you.
Lets fuck like King Cobras fightin and spitin without bitin in Madagascar.
Just entertwining and becoming. 1. 0. Beyond Words…

You could be my bottom bitch but I’m not a pimp.

You are the Queen of my Nile.
Da Nile? Not Possible. Do I really make you ashy?

You fuckin up girl. I’m whippin & spankin you with my tongue.
How can I eat fiiire from your Eye like this? Already? Hurricane or real thing?
Is your pussy clean? I need a drink from your stream. I already tasted it.
Remember? My soft lips on your skin?

Your river of fiiire is flowin. I’m the one you need to be holdin in the mornin.
Eyenut when you Buck. Why knuck? Be my wife busta nut non-stop.

With you by my side, we will find the Promised Land.
I know you know God knows we can.

If only you can humble yourself and be EXALTED. Don’t let Satan stop us with ego trips and Rocket flights to isolation.

I won’t tell anybody your secret spots that make you come up like black holes on the Sun.

Let me Love you like iii need to be Loved.
Let me Love you like iii need to be Loved.
Let me Love you like iii need to be Loved.

My love is Deep like the Ocean of black holes between us. I’m God’s left thigh and you’re her right. Lets come together and search for the spirit of pussy now and later. Now we are the collective ‒ Lesbians masterbatin each other with mirrors. Can you see me coming? You are so funky and ugly that I can’t take my iii off your Fiiire. I’m sippin your fragrant nectar. I’m eatin and feedin you while you lick your lips and savor the honey drippin from my burning sword. If you look away, I’ll still be here inside you like you wanted and needed but are too afraid to enjoy it and depend on it like we both want to. What’s stopping you?

We are two open flames. We belong together even though I am Water that might put your flame out or vice versa ‒ steamy aint it? Trust that I would rather be consumed by the river of fire that led me to you than be without you. We can take it slow or we can stop. You are the queen of my favorite pleasure and pain. I have no preference as long as we can start this and enter the garden that did not exist before or within our childish understanding of Love evolving beyond faith and forgiveness.

Please forgive me if you need to be forgiven. Please forgive yourself and understand that this is God given Grace and Mercy. We don’t deserve nothing. Not the Good or the Bad. Visualize it. I’m your addick and your cure. I’m your prophet. Always what you need and not what you expected.

Water and Air is food from heaven when I dream of our possibilities. Manifest and fight for our dream. Life aint worth livin without dreams and the miracle of true love beyond childish fairy tales. Recognize your king. Love me forever within an endless kiiiss that began with a smile. Let me Love you. Let me love myself with your iii, mouth, and hands so you can be loved like you always dreamed of… Keep On… Dream. Fight. Manifest Love, Truth, Forgiveness, Faith, Grace, and Mercy.

rican4sho 30F
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2/9/2006 1:19 am

hey this is Sara aka quincy. I like what u did w ur site... I hope everything is going ok. Ill try to give you a call later if I remember your room # my email address is AdultFriendFinder call/email me... silly goat

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