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All my life I've been a drifter.
From girl to girl,
bed to bed,
and cheek to cheek.
I thought I was happy...
but that was before you.

You couldn't have known about me
until I told you;
but you seemed
to have already known.
Could it be because
my private world blends
so well with yours?

When I sit alone, as I am now,
I see you under tall pine trees
just laughing...
and looking.
You're so very soft
to the touch of my eyes.

I love you.

I remember quiet talks we've shared.
I've seen tears on your face,
and I've felt the lonely warmth they have...
happy at times,
not always.

I saw your eyes awhile ago
and they're still with me.
Your touch...
warm and willing.

Soon you'll be in my arms again
and you'll play on my stomach
... warm hands.
And in this quiet, moonlit room,
these visions of love...
and you will be forever
in my mind.

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