The Sharing of Friendship... (by Goddessofthedawn & Unlistedone)  

rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/6/2005 3:10 am

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The Sharing of Friendship... (by Goddessofthedawn & Unlistedone)

The Sharing of Friendship
(by GoddessOfTheDawn & Unlistedone)

We can just start
and see where we go...
that's how friendships are formed

I'm glad we connected
You being my friend
helps... a gift in itself

Each going in our own way
finding one another
Not even really looking
yet finding

The days are brighter, easier
The sun's rays warmer on me
for knowing you are with me
and the nights... softer
knowing my friend is there

Feeling you close to me
when I need you the most
Always standing near
or just not far away
when a shoulder is needed
or a kind word

Looking into my soul
with your eyes
knowing what I want to say
before I do myself

Understanding the value of you
and cherishing it
No need to say it out loud
for we know
inside we know

Our friendship is honest... strong...
and there is trust
So much more than that even

Sharing smiles
sharing those moments
only close friends can have
and hold for one another

Nothing needed
but being there
for each other
knowing tomorrow
will come .... and go again

But we... us
will have
so many more

An eternity to share,
to be all
that friends can be
and with each other


rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/6/2005 3:12 am

Thank you, goddess. This was a lot of fun to do together. It has been a privilage, friend...


(I wonder if they can tell who wrote what lines?)

caressmewell 53F

11/6/2005 5:23 am


GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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11/6/2005 9:29 am

Thank you as well my friend

now we could ask folkz to guess ... lol

CantonOhCouple 60M/60F
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11/7/2005 3:18 pm

Dear unlistedone,

As we said on GoddessOfTheDawn's blog, Bravo! Well done.

Hope to see even more work from the two of you.

Hugs from CantonOhCouple

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/8/2005 7:01 am

beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/10/2005 4:55 am

Thank you, caress. I'm glad you think so.

rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/10/2005 4:57 am

Do you think we should, goddess? Might be fun...

warm hug, unlisted

rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/10/2005 5:02 am

Bravo... and a request for an encore. Awww, thanks guys. I don't know if we will try another; but I kinda hope so. unlisted

rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/10/2005 5:03 am

Fly, thank you, ma'am. It's nice of you to say so. I enjoy your blog. I hope you don't end it anytime soon. unlisted

rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/10/2005 5:06 am

Silky, it's always nice to have you stop by. Please, don't be a stranger. unlisted

rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/10/2005 5:09 am

Polly, well, in a way, I guess it is. This is something goddess and I talked about doing for awhile. (Actually, me begging her to allow me the honor of working with her.)

I do have another interactive poem started; but it is kinda on the back burner. Would you be interested in one?
Big hug, as always, unlisted

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